Fellowship Course in Blood Bank Technician

Maharastra University of Health science
In Nashik

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Important information

  • Certificate
  • Nashik
  • Duration:
    12 Months

Important information

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Vani Road, Mhasrul, 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

General Laboratory technique - One month posting
1. Microscope : Its components, uses & care.
2. Preparation & handling of glass ware, marking capillary pipette, cleaning &
3. Balance - Its components, uses & care.
4. Making of solutions & reagents.
5. Distillation of water & alcohol.
6. Maintenance of Machines - Their uses & care like refrigerator, incubators,
centrifuge, to air oven, autoclave etc.
7. Computerized stock keeping & indexing of materials.
8. Computerized record keeping of laboratory work.
9. Disposals of samples & bio-safety measures.
10.Quality control with its interpretation & maintenance.
II. Clinical Pathology - Three months posting
1. Collection, preservation & Transportation of specimens.
2. Preparation of stains & solutions.
3. Various staining methods - Leishman's, Gram's, methelene Blue, Alberts, Ziel-
Neelson & Giemsa's.
4. Examination of urine - Physical, Chemical & Microscopy.
5. Examination of feces - Physical & Microscopy for occult blood.
6. Examination of sputum - General appearance & Microscopy.
7. Blood examination : Collection specimen, making of thick & wet films, Hb
estimation. RBC. WBC, Platelet count, staining of slides with Leishmans & other
special stains for normal & abnormal cells. DLC, Prothrombin time, Bone marrow
smear, PCV, MP, Microfilaria, BT, CT, ESR, Red cell fragility test
III. Blood Banking - Four months posting
1. Historical aspects of blood transfusion, composition of blood, Blood group genetics,
Synthesis of blood group antigens, distribution of blood group antigens on cells &
2. Own laboratory. The results of testing shall be recorded on the label of the container
3. Procedure of blood collection & grouping.
4. ABO & Rh grouping.
5. Laboratory tests related to blood group abnormalities -
Comb's test/Antiglobulin test. (Direct & Indirect)
6. Titration of ABO & Rh antibodies.
7. Organization of camps & selection of donors.
8. Collection of blood from donor (Phlebotomy)
9. Autologous blood transfusion, its indication & hazards.
10. Compatibility testing -
i) Major cross matching
ii) Minor cross matching
iii) Coomb's cross matching
iv) Cross matching of Universal donors
11. Blood components - Preparation & storage, apheresis, blood & its products.
12. Complication of blood transfusion
13. Investigation in case of mismatched transfusion.
14. Quality control & maintenance of blood bank safety.
15. Current developments in blood banking.

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