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Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine

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Critical care medicine is a branch of medicine with medical concerned with the diagnosis and management of life - threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring.
The course, Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine is designed to impart knowledge and skills about the critical care of the patients. Experience and knowledge gained from this course will help improve the care delivered not only in the ICU but also to critically ill patients in other areas.During the course of the students will become familiar with the ICU setup, quality and safety needs in the ICU, general principles of critical care and management of specific critical illnesses.

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What are the course objectives?

The course aims to enable understudies: To introduce the trainees to the new technology in the life support
To prepare the trainees to demonstrate a basic understanding of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology as they pertain to critically ill patient
To prepare trainees demonstrate competencies in the safe applications of equipment, current trends, careful monitoring, judicious uses of drugs and the coordinated provision of multidisciplinary care for effective organ system support
To understand the ICU setup, quality and safety needs in the ICU
To develop the interpersonal communications and counselling skills required for ICU setup.

Requirements: MBBS/Post graduates in any Medical specialty (Allopathy)


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New Delhi
Plot No 4, Second Floor, Anmol Vatika, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110018, 110018, Delhi, India
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What you'll learn on the course

Care Management
Critical Care
Medical training
IT Management
Skills and Training
Disease management, Acurate Disease, Charonic Disease, Organ System failure, operative care, life care, Ethical Issues, Communications skills in ICU, Daignosis etc.

Course programme

Module 1 RESUSCITATION & INITIAL MANAGEMENT OF THE ACUTELY ILL PATIENT A structured and timely approach to the recognition, assessment and stabilization of the acutely ill patient with disordered physiology Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Management of the paient post - resuscitation Intial management of the trauma patient Intial management of the patient with burns Module 2 DIAGNOSIS: ASSESSMENT, INVESTIGATION, MONITORING AND DATA INTERPRETATION Obtaining a history and performed an accurate clinical examination Timely and appropriate investigations Describing indications for microbiological samples, blood gas samples, echocardiography (transthoracic / transoesophageal), eectrocardiography (ECG/EKG) and interpratations of their results Liaises with radiologists for interpratation of chest x-rays Integration of clinical findings with lab investigations to form a differenttial diagnosis Module 3 DISEASE MANAGEMENT ACURATE DISEASE Management of the criticallt ill patient with specific acute medical conditions CHARONIC DISEASE Identification of chronic and co- morbid disease in the actually ill patient ORGAN SYSTEM FAILURE Recognisation and management of the patient with circulatory failure, acute renal failure, acute liver failure, neurological impairment, acute gastrointestinal failure, acute lung injury syndromes, septic patient and intoxication Module 4 THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS/ SPECIFIC MANAGEMENT/ ORGAN SYSTEM SUPPORT IN SINGLE OR MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE Prescription of antimicrobial drugs and the therapies safely Administraion of blood and blood products safely Use of fluids and vasoactive/ inotophic drugs to support the circulation Intiation, management and weaning of patients from invasive and non - invasive ventilatory support under supervision Recognition and management of electrolyte, glucose and acid i base disturbances Module 5 PERI-OPERATIVE CARE Pre and Post - operative care of the high risk surgical and Trauma patients Care of the patient following cardiac surgery, craniotomy, solid organizations plantation Module 6 COMFORT, PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY Assessment, preventation and treatment of pain and delirium Administration of analgesia via an epidural catheter Management of sedation and neuromuscular blockade Module 7 END OF LIFE CARE Management of treatment withdrawl with the multidisciplinary team Discussion of end of life care with patients and their families/ surrogates Palliative care of the critically ill patient Brain - stem death testing Psychological and physiological support of the organ donor Module 8 Communications skills in ICU Ethical Issues

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