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Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine

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Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine course, is designed to develop registered and graduate medical professionals into intensive & critical care practitioners through a programmed approach of knowledge and skills acquisition coupled with a critical thinking focus.

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What are the course objectives?

The course aims to enable understudies to: Acquire sufficient clinical experience and technical skill to identify and handle complex clinical problems and diseases encountered in the intensive care unit.
Acquire knowledge and mastery of the medical technology used in the intensive care units.
Acquire knowledge of appropriate ethical standards and ability to cope with the psychological and social effects of critical illness on patients and their relatives.
Acquire ability to take full responsibility for the quality of treatment and care of the critically ill patient.
Acquire ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
Acquire knowledge of contemporary research fields.

Is this course for me?

The Course would be very beneficial for the students who want to make their career in following fields as:
Neuro intensive care
Cardiothoracic intensive care
Burns and plastics intensive care
Paediatric intensive care
Transplant intensive care

Requirements: MBBS graduates. Post Graduates in Medical and Surgical Specialties


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Course programme

There are 4 Modules, in Module 1 you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Introduction to Intensive Care, 2.Respiratory Disorders, 3.Cardiovascular Disorders, 4.Neurology Disorders, in Module 2 you can find 3 subjects which is 1.Renal Disorders, 2.Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders, 3.Hematological Disorders, in Module 3 you can find 3 subjects which is 1.Infectious Disorders, 2.Gastrointestinal Disorders, 3.Obstetric Disorders and in Module 4. you can also find 3 subjects which is 1.Environmental Hazards, 2.Toxicology and Poisoning, 3.General Disorders.

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You can also pay in 2 installment but in installment fee would be increased to 1st is Rs.30000 ($625), 2nd is Rs.25000 ($625).