Financial Statement Analysis

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Mastering the balance sheet analysis. Dominate the analysis of profit and loss account. Dominate the analysis of the profitability of a company.
Suitable for: People with business experience, college degree or professional, as well as mid-level general education (High School)

Important information

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· Requirements

Business experience, college or professional degree

Course programme

Item 1. Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

Specific purpose
Purpose derived:
Information necessary for proper analysis
Difficulties and limitations in the analysis process. Solutions
Weather Derivatives
Derived from human factor
Derived from the volume of global information to be handled

Item 2. Balance sheet analysis

Objectives of the analysis of the balance sheet
Analysis of creditworthiness.
Analysis of indebtedness and liability structure
Analysis of the structure and return on assets
Asset Performance Analysis
What is the structural analysis of balance?
What is the structural analysis of balance?
Differences between static analysis and dynamic analysis

Item 3. Analysis of profit and loss account

Objectives of the analysis of the income
Static analysis
Dynamic analysis
Budget analysis
The point of balance. Definition and calculation

Item 4. Profitability analysis

Profitability. Definition and Types
Profitability (ROA)
Return on equity (ROE) (return on equity)

Item 5. Analysis of working capital

Working capital. Definition and calculation

Item 6. Overview of financial statements

Performing comprehensive analysis of financial statements
The sectoral ratios

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