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While they unanimously consider a formal finance or MBA degree as an adequate qualification for a career in Capital Markets, they also feel that it falls short of covering the complete know-how in the theoretical and practical spheres.

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Fixed Income

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The Basics and Features of Fixed Income Securities • Covers the very basics: why debt is issued?
• Various Coupon Structures and other variants in bonds
• Fixed Income Primary and Secondary Markets Basic Analytics and Pricing of Vanilla Bonds • Fundamentals of bond valuation
• Pricing of bonds with different coupon structures Valuation of Bonds with Embedded Options • Implications of bonds with callable bonds
• Benefits of investing in putable bonds Introduction to FI Securities • Characteristics of Treasury Securities
• Characteristics of other bond issuing entities Understanding the Mortgage-Backed Securities of Bonds Market • Understand why and how securitization is done
• Understand the roles of the Originator, Rating Agencies, Trustees, Servicer, Arranger in Securitization

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