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Aithein Spa, Bodywork & Massage School, Goa, India
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Agonda Beach, GOA, India
Behind Fatima Guest House, Opp. Common Home, 403702, Goa, India
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Foot Reflexology Training Course in Goa, INDIA

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are areas, or reflex points, on the feet and hands that correspond to each other, gland and structure in the body. By working on these reflexes, the reflexologist reduces tension over all the body. Students enrolled in the foot reflexology course will discover that this ancient art of healing is a science founded on the basis that areas of the feet, hands and ears are comprised of zones and reflex areas.In this course the student understands the therapeutic technique of reflexology, understanding how pressure is applied to specific reflex areas. Accompanied with practical training, the student learns how to reduce stress by using the thumb, fingers and hands for a variety of methods. In the foot reflexology course, the student also learns how reflexology can create physiological improvements within the body. The foot reflexology course contains: History of Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology of Reflex Zones, What is reflexology, Theory of Reflexology, Benefits of Reflexology, Contra-indications to reflexology, Mapping of the Feet, Guidelines on the foot, Reflexology Chart, Reflex and Acupressure Points, Techniques and Movements, Practice of Basic Reflexology, Steps of Foot Reflexology, Different organs of the body

The students will have an added advantage of having attained adequate hands-on training in this unique healing art.

Course Instructor: Gagori Mitra is a qualified and well-experienced Bodywork expert. She has more than 10 years of Bodywork & Massage experience.

Course Location: Aithein, Agonda Beach, Goa, India

Course Goals: Students enrolled in the foot reflexology massage course for the study of foot reflexology can expect to learn about mind-body medicine, relaxation techniques, anatomy, foot mapping, reflex mechanisms, stress management, and more.
Course Dates: 19th – 21st Dec 2012 (10.00 am – 3.30 pm)

Course Cost: 195 Euros

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