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The Institut Louis Bachelier - the leading research network in economics and finance, is host since its creation in 2008 of several research programmes dedicated to risk management.

The focus on financial risk management has crystallized in recent years, leading to a need to comprehend, measure and manage a variety of risks (market risks, credit risks, counterparty risk, operational risks). Through the reinforcement of prudential regulations and increased communication requirements, organizations must evolve to adapt to a new regulatory context.

This six session MOOC is the opportunity for you to approach this topic with the help of our two specialists and professionals in the sector, Justin McCarthy and Oscar McCarthy. They will offer you their expertise on risk management, its history, current and future issues. You will discover the different facets of risk management tools and their uses, with a number of case studies. Mixing theory with practice, the MOOC as a whole will allow you to acquire all the knowledge you need on this topic, and you will be delivered a certificate upon completion of the course.

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Requirements: There is no prerequisite for this course. The course is equally suited to students in finance, economics, law or management as to professionals in the sector and the merely curious.


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Market Risk
Operational Risk
Liquidity Risk
Strategic Risk
Risk in Industry

Course programme

The course runs for six weeks and includes:

  • video summaries (approximately 40 minutes a week);
  • multiple choice questions to test your understanding at the end of each week;
  • a forum managed by the Institut Louis Bachelier to foster exchanges around the concepts introduced in the course

  • Course structure 
      • Week 1 / Risk in Industry : an overview of risk and risk management, with a more detailed look at its place in the banking industry.
      • Week 2 / Market Risk : Risk in the markets – how market participants can gain and lose from the markets ; and how can this can be managed.
      • Week 3 / Credit Risk : How economies are grown through credit, the risks of excessive credit growth and how credit risk can be managed.
      • Week 4 / Liquidity Risk : How the recent crisis brought this risk into the mainstream of risk management.
      • Week 5 / Operational Risk : The « least rewarded » risk ; how risks related to the operations and day to day running of a firm can be identified and managed.
      • Week 6 / Strategic Risk : How risk management can be part of your strategic planning for any firm.