Gaelic Scotland BA (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
In Fort William (Scotland)

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Important information

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Fort william (Scotland)

The BA (Hons) Gaelic Scotland has been designed for those with an interest in Gaelic language and Culture.

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
15 September 2016
Fort William
Carmichael Way, PH33 6FF, Highlands and Islands, Scotland
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What you'll learn on the course


Course programme

Year 1 - CertHE Modules may include: Gaelic Story and Song The Gaelic World 1 Introduction to Gaelic Prose Plus one option module which may include: Archaeology and Local Studies; Historic Landscapes; and What is Culture? Language options include: Beginners: Gaelic for Beginners 1 A and Gaelic for Beginners 1B Learners/improvers:  Cùrsa Adhartais modules 5 and 6 Advanced/fluent speakers: Gàidhlig agus Conaltradh: Sgilean Sgrìobhaidh; Gàidhlig agus Conaltradh: Sgilean Labhairteach . Year 3 - BA Modules may include: Scotland in Film Nationalism and National Identity Traditional Culture Research Skills Developing Communities in the 21st Century Plus an option module which may include: Gàidhlig 2 Gàidhlig 3 Gaelic Women’s Poetry 1644-1746 Language Policy and Planning Year 2 - DipHE Modules may include: Introduction to Gaelic Poetry The Gaelic World 2 Folklore Plus option modules which may include: Social History; Development Issues in the Highlands and Islands; Language, Culture and Identity. Language options include: Beginners: Gaelic for Learners 2A, Gaelic for Learners 2B Improvers/ Fluent speakers: Gàidhlig 2 Year 4 - BA (Hons) Modules may include: Traditional Culture in the 21st Century Language Policy in the Workplace Sustainable Development Plus one option module which may include: Gàidhlig 3 Translation Skills Language Policy and Planning 2 Vikings and Norse Archaeology in the North Atlantic. You must also complete a dissertation.