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By the end of the course, students will be able to : Have an In depth Knowledge of Computer Hardware, Assembling & Troubleshooting Computers and Install Application Software, Configure the Computers for Multimedia Applications & Install Peripherals.

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Corporate Office & Training Center: 'Laxmi Mansion' #81/B, 22nd Cross, 8th Main Jayanagar 3rd Block, (opp. to Food World), B'lore - 11, 560011, Karnataka, India
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· Requirements

This course is open to anyone from Diploma or any graduation background, should be well conversant in English. A certificate in Hardware Tech Support signifies that the Certified Individual posses the Knowledge and skills essential for a successful entry level Computer Hardware technician with the necessary skills of office automation tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Internet.

Course programme

Course Contents :
Basic Introduction to Computers -
History of Computers
Types of Computers
Components, Features and System Design
Identifying the different parts of computer

Microprocessor Types and Specification -
Processor Specification
Intel-Compatible Processors
Processor Types

Motherboard and Buses -
Mother Board Components
Intel and Non-Intel Chipsets
BIOS, CMOS, Type of I/O Buses,
DMA Channels, IRQs, I/O Port Address

Memory -
Memory Basics
Types of Memory
Memory Speed
Cache Memory
System Logical Memory Layout

Power Supply and case -
Power Supply Function and Operation
Switch Mode Power Supplies SMPS Connectors
SMPS Voltages
Voltage Stabilizers
UPS as Backups
Types of UPS
UPS Specification

Input - Output Interfaces -
Serial, Parallel, USB, FireWire,

Magnetic Storage -
Principles of Magnetic Storage
Capacity Measurements

Floppy drive -
Floppy Drive Basics
Types of Floppy Disk Drive
Drive Components
File Allocation
Drive Installation

Hard disk drive -
Hard Disk Basics
File Allocation
Formatting - low and high
Using Disk Manager

Tape Drives -
Tape Backup Standards
The QIC Standards
Tape Drive Installation
Tape Drive Backup Software

Optical Storage -
CD - ROM Driver Basics
Drive Specification
Loading Mechanism
Drive Formats
CD - Writers Basics
Drive Installation & Usage

DVD (Digital Versatile Disks) -
DVD - ROM Basics
DVD Specification
DVD Standards
DVD - Writers Basics
Drive installation & Usage

Input Devices -
Keyboard -
Basics functions
Types of Keyboard
Keyboard Technology
Mice -
Basics functions of Mouse
Types of Mouse
Mouse Interface

Printers -
Printer Technology
Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix
Color Printing
Printer Drivers

Display -
Monitor Basics
Monochrome vs Color
Digital, Analog, TFT, LCD
Display Adapters
VESA SVGA Standards
Video Adapter Components
3D Graphics Accelerators

Audio -
Audio Adapter Features
Audio Adapters Concepts and Terms
Audio Adapter Applications
Audio Adapter Installation

Network Interface Cards -
Need for NIC
Type of NIC
NIC Types
NIC Connectors

Modems -
Need for Modem
Types of Modem
Internet connection

Miscellaneous Devices -
Scanner, TV Tuner Cards
WEB Camera, Laptops
Notebooks, Dumb Terminals

Assembling and Disassembling -

Preventive Maintenance -
Diagnostic Software
PC Maintenance Tools
Maintenance Procedure
Upgrading your PC

Troubleshooting -
Boot Problems
Motherboard, Devices
Modem Problems
NIC & Network Problems
Sound Card Problems
Video Problems, etc.,

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