Health and Safety Management in Industrial and Flammable Environments

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Central London (England), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates), Cairo, Egypt (Egypt) and 6 other venues
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This Health and Safety Management in Industrial and Flammable Environments course is thought so that you can protect employees and colleagues. You will learn how to create a stress-free environment and how to avoid occupational hazards.

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Safe and Health Manager;
Supervisors, workers, safety directors and others responsible for safety on individual job sites;
Staff in supervisory positions who have to be responsible for maintaining the workplace safety and health policies and procedures;
Individuals directly responsible for a company’s accident analysis process;
Safety committee representatives.


Where and when

Starts Location
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Khalifa Street, 44486, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Cairo, Egypt
Champolion Street, 12421, Egypt, Egypt
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Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, England
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Dubai, Uae
Al Muraqqabat Street, Diera, 82999, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Medina Road, 8483, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
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Johannesburg, South Africa
Oxford Road, 2132, Johannesburg, South Africa
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What I would highlight Obliged very much, instructor. It's my honorarium to receive this certificate and also it was a long way to accomplish this. Obliged for everything, instructor, I have learned a lot in this course, I relished it. It was a great presentment from the instructor. In the end of the day I accomplished my goal and I am going back to Africa, specifically Tanzania, with my high hopes in terms of what I learned here in London and I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you very much.

What could be improved Everything good.

Course taken: September 2015 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

What you'll learn on the course

Health Management
Behavioural Safety
Occupational Safety
Workstation Safety
Risk Management
Health and Safety Management
Accident Investigation
Management of Risk
Risk Mgmt
Occupation Health
Occupational Health Safety
Safety Management

Course programme

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues


Part 1: Introduction to Industrial Safety and Health Management


Ø  The Safety and Health Manager;

Ø  A Reasonable Objective;

Ø  Safety Vs. Health;

Ø  Workers’ Compensation;

Ø  Occupational Injuries Vs. Occupational Illness;

Ø  Concepts of Hazard Avoidance;

Ø  Different Approaches of Eliminating or Avoiding Hazards:

      Enforcement Approach;

      Psychological Approach;

      Engineering Approach:

      Application of the Three Lines of Defense Concept;

      Safety Factors.

      Analytical Approach.

Ø  Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA);

Ø  Fault Tree Analysis;

Ø  Toxicology;

Ø  Cost Benefit Analysis;

Ø  Hazard Classification Scale.


Part 2: Prioritizing Workers’ Health and Safety Interest while in the Workplace


Ø  Facets of Ergonomics;

Ø  Ergonomics and the HSE;

Ø  Designing Safety Features into Workplace Machines;

Ø  Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD);

Ø  Ergonomic Risk Analysis;

Ø  Sources of Ergonomic Hazards:

      The work itself;

      The workstation;

      The work piece or tools;

      The environment.

Ø  Health and Toxic Substances:

      Toxic Substances;


      Systemic Poisons;




Ø  Personal Protective and First Aid;

Ø  Personal Protective and Equipment:

      Hearing Protection;

      Eye and Face Protection;

      Protection Need Assessment;

      Personal Protective Equipment Training;

      Respiratory Protection:

      Respirator Plan;

      Fit Test.

      Head Protection;

      Miscellaneous Personal Protective Equipment.

Ø  First Aid.


Part 3: Health and Safety Management in Flammable Environments


Ø  Fire Protection;

Ø  Mechanics of Fire;

Ø  Fire Prevention;

Ø  Emergency Evacuation;

Ø  Alarm Systems;

Ø  Fire Detection Systems;

Ø  Fire Brigades;

Ø  Fire Extinguishers;

      Standpipe Hose Systems;

      Automatic Sprinkler Systems;

      Fixed Extinguishing Systems;

      Dry Chemical Systems.

Ø  Dangerous Substances:


      Extremely Flammable;

      Highly Flammable;






      Reactive Chemicals;

      Other Fire and Explosion Hazards.

Ø  Regulations;

Ø  Safeworking with Flammable Substances;

      Safety Principles; VICES






Ø  Emergencies.


Part 4: Safety Precautions and Safeguarding


Ø  Machine Guarding;

Ø  Mechanical Hazards;

Ø  Guarding by Location or Distance;

      Tag-outs and Locks;

      Zero Mechanical State;


      Trip Bars;

      Fan Blade Guards;

      Anchoring Machines;

Ø  Safeguarding the Point of Operation:


      Die Enclosures;

      Fixed Barriers;

      Interlocked Barriers;

      Adjustable Barriers;

      Awareness Barriers.



      Presence Sensing Devices;




      Two Hand Controls;

      Two Hand Trips.

Ø  Heat Processes;

Ø  Grinding Machine;

Ø  Saws;

Ø  Miscellaneous Machine Guarding;

Ø  Industrial Robots.


Part 5: Emergency Risk Incident Management


Ø  Definition;

Ø  Risk Management Model:

      Risk Identification;

      Risk Evaluation;

      Prioritising Risk;

      Risk Control Measures;

      Risk Avoidance;

      Implementation of Control Measures;

      Risk Transfer.

      Risk Monitoring;

      Evaluation of Effectiveness of Risk control Measures.

Additional information

 £4,000.00  Per Delegate for UK Delivery
 £5,000.00  Per Delegate for Delivery outside the UK