Health and Social Care Level 4

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Mental Health
Health Management
Risk Assessment
Data analysis
Health and Social Care
Quality Training
Communication Training
Health Care

Course programme

The Health and Social Care Level 4 course will give students a natural progression route into management teaching you the following:

  • Managing yourself and other people
  • Managing care activities
  • Managing quality and change

The course will also will help you gain a high level of understanding of health and social care practices and help you gain a good knowledge of care, communication and support strategies. You will look at care planning and discover how research methods can be used to deliver health and social care.

A career in Health and Social care is a rewarding career and there are a wide range of opportunities available to enthusiastic, hardworking individuals who welcome a challenge.


Module 1 : Context and Reflection

  • Historical overview of health and social care services
  • Organisation of care services and provision
  • Policy, regulation, enforcement, funding
  • Theories of learning and professional knowledge
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Ethical issues and reflective practice
  • Professional development and peer support

Module 2 :Ethical Principles and Values

  • Values, ethics and rights
  • Safe practice in care environments
  • Ethical considerations
  • Mental Health
  • Issues of gender, age, ability, religion and sexuality
  • Non-discriminatory practice
  • Confidentiality
  • Care values and care standards

Module 3 : Supporting Individuals and Managing Care

  • Understanding care relationships
  • Support needs and policy influences
  • Supporting people through change
  • Communication, empowerment and advocacy
  • Managing yourself and other people
  • Managing care activities
  • Managing quality and change

Module 4 : Assessment and Care Planning

  • Assessment of needs
  • Rationale of assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Contextualising assessment
  • Models and tools for assessment
  • Care planning policy
  • Models of care planning
  • Recording care plans
  • Resources
  • User-defined outcomes
  • Monitoring and review

Module 5 : Health Education and Promotion

  • Approaches to health education and promotion
  • Models of behaviour change
  • Planning and implementing a health campaign
  • Models of health
  • Diet and health
  • Media influence
  • Prevention
  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Evaluation and outcome measures

Module 6 : Research Methods

  • The nature of knowledge
  • Research related to practice
  • Reading research
  • Evaluating research
  • Conducting research
  • Research methods
  • Data analysis
  • Research ethics

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