Intensive Italian Course

Istituto Venezia
In Venezia (Italy)

€ 260 - (Rs 18,203)
VAT incl.

Important information

  • Intensive course
  • Beginner
  • Venezia (Italy)
  • 20 hours of class
  • Duration:
  • When:

Classes are held everyday from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm, 4 hours a day with two different teachers.
The courses begin every month and last 4 weeks - 80 hours. It is also possible to enrol only for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

The course is organised in 5 levels. At the beginning of the course, students sit a simple written test and have an interwiew. This allows them to join a group of the same level. For this reason we suggest students arriving at school at 8.30 am on the first day.
Beginners can enrol only during the first week of every monthly course (refer to the section Dates and prices). Students who already know a bit of Italian can enrol any time.
According to their level, the participants can acquire a basic knowledge of Italian or improve and perfect the their previous knowledge. In each group there are maximum twelve students.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

During the course, the main communication skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are equally explored and gradually developed at all levels.
Every week the teachers adjust and enrich the programme of your group in order to satisfy your interests and requirements.

How do I enrol?

After receiving your online enrolment you will receive an email with a COURSE RESERVATION for the Spanish course that you have enrolled for.


Where and when

Starts Location
Rio Terà Canal, 3116, 30123, Venezia, Italy
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What you'll learn on the course

Intensive Italian
Italian Language
Italian Conversation
Advanced Italian
Beginners Italian
Italian Literature
Communication Skills
Italian Cookery
Intermediate Italian
Italian cuisine

Course programme

Your lessons will always be held in Italian because it is both the language and the culture we would like you to enjoy. We assure you that in doing so your progress will be quick and lasting. The teaching methodology is based on a fully communicative approach that promotes and encourages students’ active participation. It aims at developing oral and written communication skills. A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, as valuable examples of real communication, thus introducing the students to Italian culture and society.

In order to increase and improve your Italian knowledge we use:

  • listening activities to improve your oral skills
  • oral and written productions
  • reading activities to improve your comprehension of written texts
  • activities in pairs or in groups
  • grammar workshops
  • vocabulary exercises
  • educational games to learn to enjoy yourself
  • educational videos to improve your knowledge of Italy and its culture

1 week   260 €
2 weeks 430 €
3 weeks 590 €
4 weeks 720 €
6 weeks 860 €
8 weeks 1140 €
10 weeks 1420 €
12 weeks 1500 €
24 weeks 3000 €