Intensive Spanish Course

Academia Madrid PLUS
In Madrid (Spain)

€ 210 - (Rs 14,755)
VAT incl.

Important information

  • Intensive course
  • Beginner
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • 30 hours of class
  • Duration:
  • When:

The intensive course consists of six 45 minute lessons per day, Monday to Friday, with a total of 30 lessons per week. The timetable is from 09.00 to 14.00, with two breaks of 15 minutes each. It is possible to combine different Spanish courses, or to start with intensive and progress to standard or part time.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

We pride ourselves on offering a large variety of Spanish courses in Madrid. You can rest assured you will find the perfect course for your specific personal requirements.
Thanks to our highly qualified native teachers and our tried and tested teaching methods you are guaranteed to improve your language level with ease, whichever the course you decide to take.
Our Spanish courses in Madrid host a maximum of ten students per class and we always opt for smaller groups where possible to promote student participation and interaction between classmates. We pride ourselves on our multicultural environment where you will meet students from all over the world, from Germany or Italy through to further afield like Brazil or Japan.

Is this course for me?

Levels: A1 to C2

How do I enrol?

After receiving your online enrolment you will receive an email with a COURSE RESERVATION for the Spanish course that you have enrolled for.


Where and when

Starts Location
Calle Arenal 21, 28013, Madrid, Spain
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What you'll learn on the course

Advanced Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Beginners Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Spanish Food
Spanish cuisine

Course programme

1 week   210 €
2 weeks 420 €
3 weeks 630 €
4 weeks 840 €
6 weeks 1260 €
8 weeks 1680 €
10 weeks 1800 €
12 weeks 2160 €
24 weeks 4320 €
30 weeks 5400 €
36 weeks 6480 €
40 weeks 7200 €
48 weeks 8640 €

ADDITIONAL COSTS: One-time registration fee: 60 €