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Start Noida
Class hours 15 hours of class
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B-42 SECTOR-4 NOIDA , U.P., 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
B-42 SECTOR-4 NOIDA , U.P., 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge before attend this program:
CMLS1, CMLP1, CMLSP2 and C Proj 1 modules.

Program Aim: The program module is to provide a fundamental introduction to the "C Programming" Language especially required to write programs for micro-controllers.

Program Outline: The purpose of this training program is to introduce students to potential micro-controller to the basic concepts of "Embedded C" language, the structure of the program written for micro-controllers and the fundamentals of array and pointer.

Topics Covered:
In this training program candidates will learn about this following topic:

I. Introduction

* Fundamentals of "C"
* How does "C" is different?
* Constant and variable in "C"
* Understand abbot various kinds of Data and keyword
* Some conventions on names

II. Fundamentals of "C" Instructions

* Instruction Type Declaration.
* Arithmetic instructions.
* Integer and floating conversion.
* Hierarchy of Operation.
* First Writing Instruction

III. Decision control structure

* If Commands.
* The if-else statements.
* Nested if-else.
* Change the structure of control.
* GOTO statement.

IV. Learn about Loops control structures

* Fundamentals of loops.
* Understand about While loops.
* For Loops.
* Breaks continue statements.
* Do-while-loop.

V. Features

* Understand about Function.
* Understand Passing value between function?
* The function declarations and prototypes.
* Call a function.
* A pointer to a function.

VI. Arrays and pointers

* Understand about arrays.
* 2 - D sets.
* 3-D sets.
* Fundamentals of Pointer
* A pointer to an array.
* Array of pointers.

VII. Understanding of compilers C.

VIII. Programming techniques for MCU programs

Achievements for this centre

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