Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml - Université Paris Diderot

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Functional programming is a programming paradigm which is rapidly attracting interest from a broad range of developers because it allows to write expressive, concise and elegant programs.

Important information

Requirements: This course will be held in English. To follow this course we expect from you that you have already some basic knowledge of informatics, in particular you should already know how to write simple computer programs in some programming language. For instance, you should know concepts like variables (or identifiers), functions (or procedures, methods), conditionals, and loops.


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What you'll learn on the course

Data Structures
Basic types
Order Functions

Course programme

  • Week 0: Introduction and overview
  • Week 1: Basic types, definitions and functions
  • Week 2: Basic data structures
  • Week 3: More advanced data structures
  • Week 4: Higher order functions
  • Week 5: Exceptions, input/output and imperative constructs
  • Week 6: Modules and data abstraction

Each course sequence, except those of the introductory week, will be completed by a series of small programming exercises. You will do your exercises directly in your web browser, and the correctness of your answer will be automatically assessed by the system.

At the end of the course you will have to complete a small programming project in order to obtain the certificate of attendance.