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Inventor Professional 2015 - Finite Element Analysis Training DVD


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Inventor Professional 2015 - Finite Element Analysis Training DVD

Over 2.5 Hours of video tutorials by a Certified Autodesk Instructor

48 Video Tutorials

Instructor: Nicholas Bouray

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CADLearning® for Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2015 - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) covers the intermediate and advanced features used to approximate the stress and strain in the complex geometry of CAD models in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015. Learn to analyze simple parts and complex assemblies through pre-processing and post-processing procedures.

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Finite Element Analysis
Inventor Professional 2015

Course programme

FEA Essentials
Understanding FEA
Creating a Simulation
Exploring the FEA User Interface
Setting up an FEA Analysis
Understanding File Structure
Assigning Materials
Managing Material Libraries
Applying Constraints
Applying Basic Loads
Applying Advanced Loads
Assigning Prescribed Displacements
Creating a Mesh
Running a Simulation
Generating Stress Plots
Generating Displacement Plots
Determining Safety Factor
Finding Maximum and Minimum Results
Probing Results
Animating Results
Configuring Display Settings
Generating a Report
Copying a Simulation

Refining a Simulation
Understanding Stress Concentrations
Controlling Mesh Size
Controlling Local Mesh Size
Using Convergence Plots
Understanding Boundary Condition Effects
Simplifying Geometry
Analyzing Symmetric Models
Editing a Model
Performing Parametric Analysis

Assembly Analysis
Analyzing Assemblies
Defining Automatic and Manual Contacts
Understanding Contact Types
Utilizing Representations
Examining an Assembly Analysis

Thin Parts

Understanding Shell Analysis
Analyzing Thin Parts
Creating Mid and Offset Surfaces
Analyzing Assemblies with Shell and Solid Elements

Modal Analysis
Understanding Modal Analysis
Configuring a Modal Analysis
Interpreting Modal Analysis Results

Frame Analysis
Starting Frame Analysis
Defining Constraints
Applying Loads
Defining Connections
Viewing Results