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Inventor Professional 2015 - Tube and Pipe Training DVD


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Inventor Professional 2014 - Tube and Pipe Training DVD

Over 4 Hours of video tutorials by a Certified Autodesk Instructor

47 Video Tutorials

Instructor: Erik Kurek

CADLearning® for Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 - Tube and Pipe teaches the Autodesk Inventor Professional specific tools for creating tube and pipe runs. You’ll learn tube and pipe essentials from creating an assembly to adding custom components. Video lessons cover working with styles, routes and fittings in rigid pipe, tubing with bends, flexible hose and self-draining pipe.
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Tube and Pipe
Inventor Professional 2015

Course programme

• Creating a Tube and Pipe Assembly
• Understanding File Management and Naming
• Creating Runs and Routes
• Understanding Tube and Pipe Styles
• Automatically Creating a Route
• Populating a Route

Rigid Pipe
• Routing Rigid Pipe with Dimensions
• Routing Rigid Pipe Using Existing Geometry
• Using Point Snap and Rotation Snap in Rigid Pipe
• Editing Rigid Pipe Routes
• Changing Rigid Pipe Styles
• Placing Rigid Pipe Fittings
• Connecting Rigid Pipe Fittings
• Replacing Rigid Pipe Fittings
• Creating a New Rigid Pipe Style
• Setting Up Display Options
• Copying a Route

Tubing with Bends
• Routing Tubing with Dimensions
• Routing Tubing Using Existing Geometry
• Using Point Snap and Rotation Snap in Tubing
• Editing Tubing Routes
• Changing Tubing Styles
• Placing Tubing Fittings
• Connecting Tubing Fittings
• Replacing Tubing Fittings
• Creating a New Tubing Style
• Copying a Master Run

Flexible Hose
• Creating a Flexible Hose Route
• Editing Hose Length
• Editing Hose Routes
• Changing Hose Styles
• Placing Hose Fittings
• Creating a New Hose Style Custom Components
• Setting Up Parts for Authoring
• Authoring Custom Pipe
• Authoring Custom Tubing
• Authoring Custom Hoses
• Authoring Custom Pipe Fittings
• Authoring Custom Tubing Fittings
• Authoring Custom Hose Fittings
• Authoring Self -Draining Fittings
• Publishing Parts to Content Center
• Batch Publishing Parts to Content Center

Self-Draining Pipe
• Creating a Self-Draining Line Style
• Defining Gravity for Self-Draining Lines
• Creating a Self-Draining Route
• Editing Self-Draining Routes