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Jargon free photography for perfect pictures with your compact camera Realise it or not but we have all become photographers! The advent of social media, combined with modern mobile phones and compact cameras has probably had an impact on us all. Most of us are likely exhibiting our photography every day! It's so easy to take a snap shot and within minutes have it online for friends and family to enjoy. But even with all the fancy technology such as face detection, smile recognition and auto modes why do some photos come out great and others a complete disappointment? In this exciting course Karl steers you past the common compact camera pit-falls and teaches you how to easily capture stunning photos every time.
If you’ve become baffled by the multitude of settings on your compact or you struggle to get the results you had hoped for then this title is for you.  Learn to take stunning portraits, kids shots, landscapes and creative macro images as Karl explores each setting and teaches you how and when to use them. You’ll soon be producing photographs to be proud of and become the envy of your friends! Includes 30 FREE Bonus Photography Training Videos Why not take a look at some of the great bonus material that you receive when you start the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass Course. With our perfect mix of DVD, video and online training you can watch and learn over and over again. Features of this DVD: 85 minutes run time 16:9 widescreen PAL (Standard, Australia) or NTSC (N. America, Japan) formats Customers also receive Online Photography Knowledge Group access Enjoy Privileged Access to the Photography Knowledge Forum Receive Ongoing Video Tutorials & Downloads Online Support and Bonus Material Enter Monthly Photography Competition Other Beginner Photography Courses This is one of a raft of beginner photography courses available to you through Courses for Success....

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On this DVD you will learn:
  • Overview
    Work your way around your camera and become confident using each setting, plus learn what all the jargon really means!
  • Creative Composition
    By just applying some basic photography composition techniques your photographs can leap from the ordinary to simply outstanding!
  • Focus & Exposure
    Get the photos you have always hoped for by learning how to focus and expose your shots correctly using both the manual and pre-set functions.
  • Professional Style Portraits
    Get great portraits in your own home and learn top tips on how to improve the lighting you have available - Great for Facebook & your social media!
  • Abstract Still Life Art
    Produce striking still life photographs that will be good enough to hang on your wall -That will really impress your friends!
  • Achieve excellent holiday photos
    Come home from your holiday with more than just memories.  Karl explains what to look out for and how to capture great photographs of architecture, landscapes, groups and individual portraits - Perfect for family holidays!
  • Night Time Photography
    Avoid blurred landscapes and portraits as Karl shows you how to use night and manual modes to full effect.  Plus helpful tips to capture great indoor shots in low light.
  • Party Pictures
    Capture photos with atmosphere and ambiance. Get memorable images from a night out with friends if you follow these few simple tricks!
  • Macro Mode
    You don’t need professional equipment to get impressive close up shots.  Learn to take detailed shots of wildlife and nature with these simple techniques.
  • Photographing Kids
    Capture fantastic portraits of children (even the most energetic ones! ) with Karl’s top tips for the best light and locations.
  • Landscapes at Sunset
    Learn to use preset and manual settings to capture beautiful landscapes as the sun sets.  Combine this knowledge with our tips on composition to make photographs that are nothing like you have taken before!
  • Editing and Storing
    Find out how to upload, store and backup your favourite memories, plus give your images an extra boost using simple editing software.