Laptop Repair Training

Laptop Lab Repair training
In Bhubaneshwar

Rs 10,000
VAT not incl.
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Important information

  • Training
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Duration:
    45 Days

Suitable for: Hardware n Networking students, ITI, Diploma, Graduates

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
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Orissa, India
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Course programme

• Introduction of Laptop, Comparison of various Laptop, Difference between Desktop & Laptop, Category of laptop.
• Block diagram of Laptop & its description of all sections.
• Battery Stage :- Battery section Description Testing & Fault finding of (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh Li-ion Battery
• Volt in stage : Working of volt in section, Testing & Fault Finding.
• Micro Controller Stage : Working & Identification of microcontroller (H8/3437). Testing & Fault Finding.
• VRM Stage : Working of VRM Section (Voltage Regulator Module) Testing & Fault Finding (Control Circuit, Oscillator Section, Sensor & VID Selector Stage.
• PCI Controller : Working of PC Card Controller Stage, PC Card Socket & PCMCIA Slot.
• IEEE 1394 Firewire Stage : Working of IEEE 1394 Section, Testing & Fault Finding.
• Audio Section : Working of Audio Section, Testing & Fault Finding
• DSP Stage : Working of DSP Section ( Digital Signal Processor), Testing & fault finding.
• TFT Panel : Working of CCFL section, Working of LVDS Section, Working of TFT Film Array, Working of Bounding Pad IC, Testing & Fault Finding
• Identification of Laptop Sections : Identification of Laptop Sections, Parts, Slot & Interface connector.
• Adaptor Section : Circuit Diagram of adaptor section, Testing & Fault Finding
• Step-down Stage: Working & Circuit Diagram of stepdown Section, Testing & Fault Finding
• Reballing of Different IC’s Through Infraray BGA Machine

We will also cover following main things:

block diagrams , CPU ,GMCH ,ICH ,memory ,VGA ,LCD panel ,clock generator
power states 5v,3.3v sio , Regulators ,S 5 , S 4 ,S 3 ,Cpu Supply ,All voltages
SATA , USB,LAN,SIO ,charger

Main Signals of Motherboard And How motherboards Work with Different ic

Some Problem wise training

· Define different Laptop problems

· Common Laptop Notebook Chip



· CPU power supply chips

· Charge discharge control chip

· CPU temperature control chip

· Graphics Brand

· Ethernet chips

· Sound audio Chip

· PC Card Chip

· COM port chip

· Keyboard chip

· Battery IC :

· Memory control chip

· Clock IC :

· lcd back light control

· Ddr memory power supply

· Other Common chipset

· Mosfets Used

· Crystal (14.318 Clock )

· Connector Socket(display, battery, dvdrom, modem, keypad, touchpad, onoff panel etc)

· Fault finding and troubleshooting of motherboards

· Tracing different connectors and socket with related component and chip

· Testing and using of different components

· Dc to dc power regulator sections

· Power supply to different chips vcc core, 5vsus, +1.5v, 1.8vsus, 5v, 10v, 2.5v

· Cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm

· Clock generation circuits

· Bois chips section, rtc chip

· Power good , reset,frame, clock, bios signals

· Fault finding and troubleshooting.

· How to read different component datasheet.

· Basic cleaning and washing method of motherborad

· Smd component pratice removal and inserting different components

· Training using cro osciloscope

· Finding fault using cro osciloscope

· Use of debug card post error code

· Finding fault using post debug card

· Training using eeprom programmer

· Bios update using eeprom programmer

· Training using bga soldering station

· Removing bga chips and rebolling it using reball stencil

· Ics rebolling, bga ball arrangement, pratice

· Training using solder batch

· Removing socket & connectors using solder bath

· Bios password, ibm, dell password removing steps

· Searching data sheets of different ics

· Common problems of different motherboards

· Equipment/Tools used for Laptop Repairs

· Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit

· hdd repair

· How an image appears on the Lcd screen

· How I installed external Bluetooth adapter inside a laptop

· How To Bypass Windows 7 Logon Password In 3 Steps

· How To Fix Failed Nvidia Chip

· How to fix hardware problems without taking apart the Laptop

· How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery

· How to test a laptop or a desktop computer memory

· Steps to Hacking Dell Bios Password

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