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We understand that for students to learn deeply, they need to be active, engaged, inspired, involved. They need to interact with their peers, connect dots between new and current knowledge and they need to have fun in the process!

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"Painting is a skill that everyone can learn."

Do you remember these words you heard in Learn to paint with Len Hend? They are not only super encouraging but also demonstrating that no matter age, gender or profession, everyone can master these skills. Have you seen all the amazing students’ improvements and achievements?

In this advanced course, you have the unique opportunity to learn further with Len Hend, a Master Painter with a lifetime of experience. Len has thousands of students all over the world who have learnt to paint like pros.

Learn to paint with Len Hend ADVANCED will teach you to apply everything you have learnt about oils or acrylics, perspective, arrangements, tones, and painting techniques. In this course, your hand will be much more confident and your eyes will see all those details you might have missed before!

Len and other students will accompany you throughout this wonderfuljourney; he will answer your questions and will share with you plenty of valuable experience and know-how.

Join the course today andLearn to paint with Len Hend ADVANCED. See ya soon ;)

Module 1: Advanced Monochrome Painting. Start your advanced course with joyful and fun painting activity. And whenever you’re ready, continue with practicing charismatic monochromatic landscapes.  

Module 2: Sunset and Sunrise. This module contains beautiful sceneries fulfilled with warm colours of red or yellow giving the scenery energy and dynamism. You can also study horizon lines in painting and how it affects the overall painting impression.

Module 3: Forests. While learning to paint more complex trees and forests, you will also learn to use tones of colours much more effectively. You will attain skills to give your painting depth through tones of colours.

Module 4: Rivers and Trees. Flowing rivers and majestic trees are the learning focus of this module. You will also focus on arrangement in painting and how you can make your painting much more authentic.

Module 5: Water and Mountains. The last module of this course is fulfilled with natural beauty of water and mountains. You will also study perspective and you will learn to apply perspective without any difficulties!