M.A. in Philosophy

The University of Burdwan
In Bardhaman

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Typology Master
Start Bardhaman
Duration 2 Years
  • Master
  • Bardhaman
  • Duration:
    2 Years

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
On request
The University of Burdwan, Golapbag, Bardhaman , 713104, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
The University of Burdwan, Golapbag, Bardhaman , 713104, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Part - I

Paper I : Philosophical Classics
First Half : Indian (Prasastapada : Padarthadharmasamgraha)
Second Half : Western (Kant : Critique of Pure Reason)

Paper II : Ethics
First Half : Indian (Lougaksi Bhaskara : Arthasamgraha &
Bhagavadgita [Ch. II & III])
Second Half : Western (Normative, Meta, Applied)

Paper III : Epistemology
First Half : Indian (Gangesa: Tattvacintamani &
Dharmakirti: Nyayabindu)
Second Half : Western (Topics: Scepticism, Belief, Knowledge,
Gettier-Problem and Responses, Justification of
Knowledge - Claims and Epistemic decision :
Foundationalism, Coherentism, Causal Theory
and Reliabilism in Epistemology)

Paper IV : Optional Papers
Group A : Nyaya-Vaisesika
First Half : Gotama : Nyayasutra withVatsyayanabhasya [Ch. I]
Second Half : Visvanatha : Bhasapariccheda with
Siddhantamuktavali, [Karika 51-65 & 125-137]

Part - II

Paper V : Metaphysics
First Half : Indian
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika with Tattvakaumudi [Karika 1-3 & 9-22] &
Gaudapada: Mandukyakarika [Ch. I & II]
Second Half : Western
(Topics : Appearance & Reality, Being & Becoming: Essence & Existence,
Substance, Space & Time, Self-Knowledge & Self-Identity)

Paper VI : Philosophy of Language and Analytic Philosophy
First Half : Indian (Visvanatha: Bhasapariccheda with
Siddhantamuktavali - Sabdakhanda)
Second Half : Western (G. Frege, B. Russell, L. Wittgenstein)

Paper VII : Western Logic and Continental Philosophy
First Half : Western Logic (Symbolic Logic [5th Ed.] - I. M. Copi)
Second Half : Continental Philosophy (Husserl's
Phenomenology & Sartre's Existentialism)

Paper VIII : Optional Papers
Group A : Nyaya-Vaisesika
First Half : Udayana : Nyayakusumanjali [1st Stavaka]
Second Half : Gangesa : Vyaptipancaka with Mathuri
[1st Vyaptilaksana]

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