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M.Sc. in Digital Currency

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The MSc in Digital Currency is designed to help financial services and business professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials and public administrators better understand the technical underpinnings of digital currency, how it will likely interact with existing monetary and financial systems, and what opportunities exist for innovation in digital currency systems.
The programme seeks to fill an important gap that exists today between the supply of and demand for academic knowledge in the area of digital currency. More specifically, while the interest in digital currencies has skyrocketed in the past few years, academic institutions have been slow to implement academic programs that cover the need for educating specialists in the area, addressing it in its entirety (technical and financial aspects alike).

Important information
What are the course objectives?

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:
Define concepts of money and money supply and associate present international financial markets and money transfer systems to digital currency alternatives.
Explore theoretical principles on currencies, banking, the role of central banks, and monetary policy to determine the likely implications of digital currencies upon them.
Identify and analyze challenges, prospects, and risks of digital currencies and devise business proposals and/or develop systems and services that address them.
Apply and advance practice or research on cryptography, distributed systems architectures, and information systems to design innovative systems and services that complement and extend the existing digital currencies ecosystem.
Review, analyze, and compare different regulatory environments (banking, payments, commerce, legal, accounting, and so on), debate on likely implications introduced by digital currencies, and advise on alternative proposals.
Analyze best practices related to digital currencies, specify business opportunities, and apply digital currency based innovative solutions to address problems in business, finance, or the society at large.

Is this course for me?

This field offers very good career opportunities. Digital currencies are a field which is growing steadily around the world, and interest in such currencies is anticipated to continue strong. Thus, the global employment outlook is promising.

Requirements: Bachelors degree from an accredited university (Upper-Second or a GPA of 3.0 or higher).


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Course programme

In Semester I you can find 3 subjects which is 1.DFIN-511 Introduction to Digital Currencies, 2.FIN-512 Money and Banking, 3.DFIN-513 Open Financial Systems in Semester II you can also find 3 subjects which is 1. FIN-521 International Currency Markets, 2. DFIN-522 Regulation and Digital Currencies, 3.MGT-523 Principles of Disruptive Innovation in Semester III 3rd Semester: Elective Courses Courses Requiring Programming Background COMP-530 Cryptographic Systems Security COMP-531 Digital Currency Programming COMP-532 Distributed Systems COMP-533 Digital Currencies in Motion Courses not requiring programming background FIN-534 Financial Markets and Alternative Investments DFIN-535 Digital Currencies in the Developing World MIS-536 Digital Currency Information Systems and Resources DFIN-591 Thesis option DFIN-592 Project option

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