M. Sc Physics

Sam Higginbottom Inst. of Agriculture,Technology & Sciences
In Allahabad

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Important information

  • Master
  • Allahabad

Important information

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Post. Agriculture Institute, Allahabad 211007, U.P, India, 211007, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Unit-I: Complex Analysis
Introduction. Complex Functions, Calculus of Complex Functions: Limits, Continuity
Differential Coefficients, C-R Equations, Analytic Functions- Applications to Flow
Problems. Transformations with Special Reference to Conformal Transformations
Integrations-Theorems, Series (without-proof) and Evaluation of Certain Integrals. Zeros,
Singular Points, Residues and Residue Theorem (without-proof).
Unit-II: Ordinary Differential Equations
Ordinary Differential Equations of the First Order and First Degree and Higher and their
Solutions. Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients. Physical
Unit-III: Discrete Mathematics:
Introduction to Various Types of Matrices, Matrix Arithmetic. Incidence, Adjacency,
Path and Circuit Matrix, Fundamental Circuit matrices A, B and C of Digraphs (Directed
Unit IV: Special Functions
Gamma Function, Beta Function, Dirichlet’s Integral, Bessel’s Equation and its
Functions, Recurrence Formulae for Jn(x), Generating Function for Jn(x) Orthogonality,
Legendre’s Equation; Rodrigue’s Formula, Legendre Polynomials Pn, Generating
Function for Jn(x), Orthogonality of Legendre Polynomials, Laguerre’s Polynomials,
Hermite’s Polynomials.

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