M. Sc. (Physics):Liquid Crystals:Lasers & Applications

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Basics of Lasers: Einstein Coefficients and Light Amplification, Population Inversion, Laser Rate Equations: Two-level, Three-level, and Four-level Laser Systems, Optical Resonators, Pumping Processes, Axial and Transverse Modes, Q-switching and Mode Locking in Lasers

Properties of Laser Beams: Coherence Properties of Laser Light, Temporal Coherence, Monochromaticity, Spatial Coherence, Directionality, Linewidth, Brightness, Focusing Properties of Laser Radiation, Tunability

Types of Lasers: Doped-insulator Lasers: Ruby Laser, Nd:YAG and Nd:Glass Laser; Gas Lasers: Atomic Lasers - HeNe Laser, Ion Lasers: Argon Laser, Molecular Lasers: Carbon Dioxide Laser, Nitrogen Laser, and Excimer Laser; Liquid Dye Laser; Semiconductor Laser

Applications of Lasers: Measurement of distance – Interferometric methods, Beam modulation telemetry, Pulse echo techniques; Laser Tracking, LIDAR, Holography, Applications of Holography: Holographic Interferometry - Double Exposure , Real Time, and Time Average; Laser Cooling, Material Processing - Lasers in Welding, Drilling, and Cutting, Medicine, Laser-induced Fusion, Resistor Trimming, Laser Soldering, Laser Heat Treatment; Information Storage, Bar Code Scanner, Lasers in Fiber Optic Communication

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