Marine Pollution in Context: Waste Management for Marine Maintenance and Repair Yards, Marine Pollution Prevention and Legalities

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Manila (Philippines) and 4 other venues

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Suitable for: Marine Engineer. Environmentalists. Ship Owners and Operators. Charterers. Insurers. Maritime Lawyers. Port and Harbor Authorities. Oil Spill Response Companies. Government Bodies. Anybody interested in learning about marine pollution

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Where and when

Starts Location
Champolion, 12421, Egypt, Egypt
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Coral Deira Hotel, Muraqabat Street, Deria, Dubai, 82999,, 82999, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Oxford Road, 2132, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang Hilir, 68, Malaysia, Malaysia
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Makati, 1200, Philippines, Philippines
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Course programme

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Essentials of Marine Environment and Human Health

  • Introduction
  • Marine Pollution in Context
  • Types of Inputs of Pollution Into the Ocean
  • Types of Pollution

Waterborne Pathogens

  • Overview
  • Human Pathogens in the Marine Environment
  • Fecal Indicator Bacteria
  • Measures of Microbial Quality
  • Molecular Methods
  • Microbial Measures vis-à-vis Human Health
  • Pathogens Modelling in Marine Waters
  • Beach Regulation

Estuarine and Marine Pollutants

  • Context
  • Public Perception
  • Priority Substances and Legislation
  • Contaminants
  • Nanoparticles
  • Plastics
  • Complex Mixtures
  • Climate Change and Pollutants

Harmful Alga Blooms in Coastal Water of UK

  • Phytoplankton
  • Human Health Syndromes
  • Causative Organisms And Toxins
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Fish Vectored Illness
  • Cyanobacteria
  • Harmful Phytoplankton vis-à-vis Human Wellbeing
  • Harmful in UK Coastal Waters
  • Health Protection

Harmful Alga Blooms in Coastal Water of New Jersey

  • National (USA) Assessment of Harmful Algal Blooms
  • Health and Ecological Implications

Scientific Challenges for Marine Environment and Policy Needs

  • Overview
  • Challenges for Marine Environment and Human Health
  • Endoctrine Disruption
  • Pharmaceuticals from the Sea
  • The ‘Blue Gym’ Effect
  • Public Health Needs
  • Developing Effective Environmental and Public Health Policies on a Regional and Global Scale Modelling
  • Policy Needs

Waste Minimisation Options for Marine Maintenance and Repair Yards

  • Chemical Stripping Waste
  • Abrasive Blast Wastes
  • Paint and Solvent Wastes
  • Equipment and Cleaning Wastes
  • Machine Shop Wastes
  • Engine Repair Shop Wastes
  • Specialty Shop Wastes
  • Vessel Cleaning Wastes
  • Spill Control

Marine Pollution (MARPOL) Prevention: Reducing the Risk of Port State Control Detentions

  • Preparing for a Port State Control Inspection

Frequently Occurring Operational Deficiencies

  • Oil and Oily Mixtures from Machinery Spaces
  • Retention of Oil on Board
  • Discharge Violation
  • Inconsistent Entries in Oil Record Books
  • Garbage
  • Cargo Residues
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP)

Tips to Reduce Pollution

Certificates and Documents that should be Carried on Board

  • Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk or Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk
  • Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • Air Pollution Certificate
  • Engine Air Pollution Prevention Certificates
  • Statement of Compliance for Condition Assessment Scheme (Tankers Only)
  • Type Approval Certificate

Oily Water Separator

  • 15PPM Alarm
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System (Tankers Only)
  • Oil/Water Interface Detector (Tankers Only)
  • Sewage treatment Comminuting System, if fitted
  • Incinerator, if fitted
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System SOx, if fitted
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System NOx, if fitted

All Ships

  • Oil Record Book (Part 1)
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • Garbage Record Book
  • Change over Procedure and Records – Sox Emission Control Areas
  • Bunker Delivery Notes
  • NOx Technical Files
  • Ballast Water Management Plan

Tanker Specific

  • Oil Discharging Monitoring and Control System (ODME) Manual
  • Crude Oil Washing Manual, if system fitted
  • Oil Record Book (Part 2)
  • Access to Shore Based Damage Stability and Residual Strength Calculations
  • Dedicated Clean Ballast Tank Operation Manual
  • Damage Stability Approval
  • Vapour Emission Control Systems Procedure (Manual)

Chemical Carrier Specific (MARPOL Annex II)

  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans (SMPEP)
  • Procedures and Arrangements Manual
  • Cargo Record Book
  • Product Data Sheets with IMO Recognised Names for Cargoes


  • Prevention of Pollution by Oil
  • Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquids in Bulk
  • Harmful Substances in Packages
  • Prevention of Pollution by Seawage from Ships
  • Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships
  • Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

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