Master of Finance and Business Economics

The University of Adelaide
In Adelaide (Australia)

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  • Master
  • Adelaide (Australia)
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2 years

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Where and when

Starts Location
University Of Adelaide Thebarton Campus 3/49 Holland Street, SA 5005, South Australia, Australia
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What you'll learn on the course

International Trade
Business Economics
Financial Training
IT Management

Course programme

Students complete core courses which include four foundation courses, four finance courses, four economics courses and two specialisation courses.
The remaining two courses will be either finance or economics courses, depending on the student's main specialisation.
Academic Program Rules The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.
Master of Finance and Business Economics Areas of Specialisation Finance Economics Example Study Plan Indicative study Program Four foundation Courses ACCTING 7019: Accounting Concepts and Methods (M)CORPFIN 7033: Quantitative Methods (M)ECON 7051: Intermediate Econometrics IIDCORPFIN 7005: Principles of Finance (M)ECON 7200: Economic Principles (M)COMMGMT 7001: Business Communication (M) International students: Unless exempt, all International students are required to take Business Communication in lieu of one elective.
Four Finance Courses CORPFIN 7019: Advanced Funds Management (M)CORPFIN 7020: Derivatives (M)CORPFIN 7039: Equity Valuation and Analysis (M)CORPFIN 7040: Fixed Income Securities (M) Four Economics courses ECON 7001: Econometrics PGECON 7011: Intermediate Microeconomics A IIDECON 7071: Intermediate Macroeconomics IIDECON 7036: International Trade and Investment Policy IID Two Discipline Specific Courses.
Take either two courses from Finance or two courses from Economics FinanceACCTFIN 7017: Financial Statement Analysis (M)CORPFIN 7050: International Financial Management (M)CORPFIN 7021: Corporate Investment Evaluation (M)CORPFIN 7022: Advanced Corporate Finance (M)CORPFIN 7045: Wealth Management in China (M)CORPFIN 7023: Financial Modelling Techniques (M)CORPFIN 7042: Corporate Financial Risk Management (M)CORPFIN 7048: Applied Financial Institutions Management (M)CORPFIN 6000: Industry Research Project (M)CORPFIN 6003: Tax Estate & Wealth Planning (M)CORPFIN 6004: Global Wealth Management (M)EconomicsECON 7114: Money, Banking & Financial Markets PGECON 7016: Resource and Environmental Economics PGECON 7032: Public Economics PGECON 7036: International Trade and Investment Policy IIDECON 7044: International Finance PGECON 7058: Development Economics PGECON 7062: Game Theory PGECON 7237: Industrial Organisation PGECON 7072: International Trade PGECON 7075: Intermediate Mathematical Economics IID Plus one additional Elective   Assessment May include, but not limited to: Examinations, Group Assignments, Individual Assignments, Consulting Projects, Presentations, Quizzes, Tests, Tutorial Work as prescribed within each course.