MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality
In Barcelona (Spain)

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Important information

  • MBA
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • When:
    October 2017

Success in the Hospitality and Tourism industries requires the development of decision-making skills, thorough knowledge of the sector and a global strategic vision.

Ostelea’s Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is designed with the objective of training the future leaders of the tourism sector: directors, professionals and entrepreneurs equipped to manage business projects in the tourism and hotel sector at the very highest level. To this end, the programme particularly focuses on the development of executive skills and aptitudes of a strategic nature.

Ostelea’s MBA has been designed with the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the main managerial and organizational processes in tourism companies from an applied and strategic perspective, as well as evaluating the interrelation between these processes through case studies, practical exercises and research projects.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

- Providing executive tuition with an international vision of the tourism industry, together with a flexible and adaptable perspective in a changing and competitive global setting. Integrating the main spheres of tourism management from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective.
- Ensuring the effective management of tourism companies based on strategic plans and focused on achieving results.
- Providing a response to the training needs of executives specializing in the tourism sector.
- Developing the capacity for innovation and creative management of executives in tourism and hotel companies. Enabling the acquirement of knowledge and skills in terms of new technologies applied to tourism an e-Tourism, in particular.
- Training the future leaders of the global hospitality and tourism industry. Equipping participants with the executive skills and competences required of directors and business people in the tourism sector in order to ensure dynamic, effective and successful leadership.
- Analysing global trends in the sector and acquiring the perspectives and strategies required to become ethical leaders of global tourism organizations.

You must have one of the following qualification levels to take this course: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters , Doctoral Degree (PhD)


Where and when

Starts Location
Barcelona, Spain
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What you'll learn on the course

Hospitality Management
Human Resources
Management of tourist companies
Tourist Management
Marketing and Commercial Management
Accommodation Management

Course programme

Módulo 1:Global Environment and Markets
  • Socio-economic context and the tourism industry 
  • Tourism marketing and sales in global settings 

Módulo 2:Human Resources Management
  • Talent management in hospitality 
  • Executive skills for hospitality organizations 

Módulo 3:International Management
  • Financial management 
  • Information Tech. Management 
  • International Financial Risk Management 

Módulo 4:Corporate Internationalization
  • Global Strategic Management 
  • Corporate Internationalization 

Módulo 5:Master's thesis
  • Master's thesis 

Módulo 6:Elective Courses
  • Accommodation management and Revenue & Yield Management 
  • Strategic Food & Beverage Management 
  • Leisure & Sports Management 
  • Competitiveness and innovation in hospitality 
  • Operations in hospitality