MBA in Human Resource Management

MIT Distance learning Education Centre

Rs 36,000
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Important information

  • Master
  • Distance learning
  • Pune
  • Duration:
    2 Years

Important information

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MITSDE Campus,Paud road,Kothrud, 4110038, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Overview of the Course:

Managing does not mean effective resolutions of issues only. It also means to meet challenges of converting a circumstance into a chance in forever altering competing atmosphere. In the current global world, it's important be a business leader, but simultaneously, it is equally important for a candidate to be energetic as well as be fully capable to perform multiple tasks in every job profile. To attain this level, it is mandatory for a person to consider the two most important assets of a manager: wise utilization of time & eagerness to learn more & more new things.

P.G.D.B.A. along with M.B.A. equips learners & managers with the abilities to face challenges & entry in the business world. It modifies the headship skills within the learners. The study material is designer in such a way that it offers transformation knowledge which nurtures vocational, intelligence & individual improvement. It's structured to offer a rare, marketplace related association of a complete commercial knowledge with practical-world implementations.

The P.G.D.B.A .along with M.B.A. course make it possible for the student to select from seven specializations to improve their understanding & modify their professional objectives.


The program includes 2 semesters that further counts below topics:

1st Semester:

a) Commerce, Govt. and Community
b) Leading others & Corporate Etiquettes
c) Business Communicational Abilities
d) Quantitative Procedures
e) Micro-Economic Management

2nd Semester:

a) Capital Documentation & Account Handling
b) Manager Level Micro-Economic Management
c) Manager Level Finance
d) Managing Operations
e) Managing Promotions

3rd Semester:

a) Managing H.R.
b) Small Scale Businesses
c) Law Framework & Commerce
d) Managing Computer Systems
e) Worldwide Economy & Capital

4th Semester:

a) Planned H.R.
b) Coaching & Improvement
c) Hiring, Shortlisting & Keeping
d) ERP
e) Labor Laws

5th Semester:

a) Management of Electronic-Business
b) Managing Projects
c) Scheduling & Handling of Productivity
d) ERP
e) Managing Risks

6th Semester:

a) S.C. Mgmt.
b) Law Factors of S.C.M.
c) ERP
d) Management of Risks

Assignment Documentation

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