MDS in Community Dentistry

Maharastra University of Health science
In Nashik

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  • Nashik

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Vani Road, Mhasrul, 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course Contents:
Paper I : Applied Basic Sciences
I. Applied Anatomy and Histology
A. Applied Anatomy in relation to:
 Development of face
 Bronchial arches
 Muscles of facial expression
 Muscles of mastication
 Salivary gland
 Tongue
 Salivary gland
 Tongue
 Hard and soft palate
 Infratemporal fossa
 Paranasal air sinuses
 Pharynx and larynx
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 Cranial and spinal nerves- with emphasis on trigeminal, facial, glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal nerve
 Osteology of maxilla and mandible
 Blood supply, venous and lymphatic drainage of head and neck
 Lymph nodes of head and neck
 Structure and relations of alveolar process and edentulous mouth
 Genetics-fundamentals
B. Oral Histology
 Development of dentition, Innervations of dentin and pulp
 Periodontium-development, histology, blood supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage
 Oral mucous membrane
 Pulp-periodontal complex
II. Applied Physiology and Biochemistry:
 Cell
 Mastication and deglutition
 Food and nutrition
 Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
 Vitamins and minerals
 Fluid and electrolyte balance
 Pain pathway and mechanism-types, properties
 Blood composition and functions, clotting mechanism and erythropoiesis, Blood groups and transfusions, Pulse and blood
 Dynamics of blood flow
 Cardiovascular homoeostasis-heart sounds
 Respiratory system: Normal Physiology and and variations in health and diseases, Asphyxia and artificial respiration
 Endocrinology: thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pituitary, sex hormones and pregnancy, Endocrine regulation of blood sugar.
III. A. Applied Pathology:
 Pathogenic mechanism of molecular level
 Cellular changes following injury
 Inflammation and chemical mediators
 Oedema, thrombosis and embolism
 Hemorrhage and shock
 Neoplasia and metastasis
 Blood disorders
 Histopathology and pathogenesis of dental caries, periodontal disease, oral mucosallesions, and malignancies. HIV
 Propagation of dental infection
B. Microbiology
 Microbial flora of oral cavity
 Bacteriology of dental caries and periodontal disease
 Methods of sterilization
 Virology of HIV, herpes, hepatitis
 Parasitology
 Basic immunology -basic concepts of immune system in human body
- Cellular and humoral immunity
- Antigen and antibody system
- Hypersensitivity
- Autoimmune diseases
C. Oral Pathology
 Detailed description of diseases affecting the oral mucosa, teeth, supporting tissues and jaws.

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