Messaging & Working With the Media

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You have spent hours of time and money on your business. Now it’s time for everyone to know about you. But it’s not that easy. We have to grab the attention of the media by sending them something that is worth talking about. We should always look for the human element … the media wants to be able to tell stories, and stories are best told relying on the human element. This online learning episode includes the important tips on how to let the world know about the business.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The main motive of ‘Messaging & Working With the Media’is to make the learner understand the techniques to approach the media with a compelling story about the business. 1.Know your audience – who are you targeting? It’s not the media – the media is simply the platform to get to your key audience, 2.Know your key messages – aim for 3 key points that you will hammer home in every interview … with human stories to back up each key message, 3.Look the part – being on camera is different than everyday style … make sure your on-camera ‘look’ does nothing to distract the viewer from your message and your eyes, 4.KISS – keep it simple stupid! Always boil down messages to simple themes in everyday language – no jargon, no complicated thoughts or messages.

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While studying the course ‘Messaging & Working With the Media’, understudy will come to learn about the following topics: 1.Upsides and downsides of attracting media attention, 2.What reporters are looking for in a story, 3.Video-based promotional material gives you an advantage, 4.Too much information is a bad thing, 5.Choose the best media outlets, 6.How to pick a reporter, columnist or editor & how to contact them, 7.Dress the part, 8.The importance of “people” stories, 9.The importance of having a website to refer to, 10.The message needs to fit the length of the interview, 11.Why a press release should be event oriented, 12.The difference between advertising & interview messaging, 13.Do you need a public relations specialist? 14.5 things a startup can do to improve its media relations, 15.Keep it simple! With these topics and subjects and our delivery method, you will be able to understand and fulfil your position’s responsibilities. We deliver our courses with an online methodology in order to adapt ourselves to busy and professional lifestyles. Combine your professional life, your work, your personal time with this distance-learning course. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister’s website.

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This Course is helpful for those person who want to do business. It can be used as a Guide. It will help keep the practitioner on track with his/her goals and growth. The ability to derive and analyse the media outlets, Offers frameworks for understanding key topics in media training, press release and much more, Focuses on explanations of concepts like public relations, interview messaging etc.