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2nd Floor Above Catmos Outlet Adjacent to HP Petrol Pump Marathalli Near Marathalli Bridge , 560037, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Introduction to C#:
* Overview
* Types
* Expressions
* Declarations
* Statements
* Classes and Structs

Advanced C#:
* Inheritance
* Interfaces
* Delegates
* Exceptions
* Namespaces and Assemblies
* Attributes
* XML Comments
* Sealed
* Partial
* Generics

* Basics
* Connection-Oriented Scenario
* Disconnected Scenario
* Data Access Layer Sample

Introduction to ASP.NET:
* A Review of Classic ASP
* ASP.NET Web Applications
* Rendering HTML with Server Controls
* Data Binding in ASP.NET 2.0

What's New in ASP.NET 2.0:
* New Features in ASP.NET 2.0
* Designer Features
* Increasing Productivity

Working with Controls:
* Introduction to Web Controls
* Simple Input Controls
* Hyperlink and Button Controls
* List Controls
* Controlling Focus

Accessing Data:
* Overview of ADO.NET
* Connecting to Data
* Executing Commands
* Working with Data
* Choosing an ADO.NET Provider

Data Binding:
* Introducing Data Source Controls
* Reading and Write Data Using the SqlDataSource Control
* Displaying and Editing Middle-Tier Data using the ObjectDataSource Control
* Displaying XML Data Using the XmlDataSource Control

Validating User Input:
* Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls
* Using the Simple Validators
* Using the Complex Validators
* Summarizing Results with the ValidationSummary Control
* Separating Validation into Validation Groups

Master Pages
Displaying Data with the GridView Control:
* Introducing the GridView Control
* Filter Data in the GridView Control
* Allow Users to Select from a DropDownList in the Grid
* Add a Hyperlink to the Grid
* Deleting a Row and Handling Errors

Managing State:
* Preserving State in Web Applications
* Page-Level State
* Using Cookies to Preserve State
* ASP.NET Session State
* Storing Objects in Session State
* Configuring Session State
* Setting Up an Out-of-Process State Server
* Storing Session State in SQL Server
* Using Cookieless Session IDs
* Application State

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