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17 October 2016

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VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Para todas aquellas personas que han querido saber cómo se creaba un videojuego, en este curso vamos a explicar cómo crear un pequeño motor, uno de los elementos nucleares de cualquier videojuego. El curso persigue comprender su concepto, entender qué es ese núcleo que en terminología inglesa se conoce como 'game engine', Analizaremos no solo su papel, sino qué utilidades debe proporcionar para ser utilizado en un videojuego. Y todo ello, explicando cómo crear un pequeño motor desde cero, que nos permitirá crear un videojuego en DirectX11. Un curso donde cualquier persona podrá entender los conocimientos básicos sobre el funcionamiento de un motor, y donde las personas con formación en programación aprenderán a crear su propio motor. El curso está estructurado de tal forma que desde el primer día tengamos resultados en pantalla y cualquier persona pueda seguir el propio curso. El resultado será un pequeño motor de videojuegos 3D sobre DirectX11, donde crearemos un pequeño videojuego de tipo FPS. IMPORTANTE Puedes seguir el curso también en Inglés (subtítulos).

ENGLISH VERSION For those who ever wanted to know how to create a video game, in this course we will explain how to create a small engine, one of the main elements in any video game. This course wants to understand their concept, understand what is this nucleus called 'game engine'. We will analyze their role and which utility it has to provide in aim to be used in a video game. We will do all this by explaining how to create a small engine which will allow us to create a DirectX11 video game. A course in which anyone will be able to understand the basic knowledges on an engine's functioning, and where people who have studied programming will be able to create their own engine. This course is structured so that from the first day we have results on screen and anyone can follow them. IMPORTANT You are able to follow this course in English (subtitles).Online learning plays a key role in lifelong learning. In fact, a recent report by the United States Department of Education found that "the courses that include online education (either completely virtual or blended learning) produce, on average, much stronger learning outcomes for students courses They are conducted exclusively in person. Based on an approach developed by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom, the mastery learning helps students to fully understand a subject before moving on to a more advanced. In Coursera, usually we give an answer immediately to the concepts that the student does not understand feedback. In many cases, we offer random versions of assessments for the student to return to school and retrying until mastered the concept.