Object Oriented Concepts

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After Completing this course, you should be able to:
Understand the importance of the OO Approach towards programming, the pillars of OO
The Basics of OO which is - Objects, Classes, Abstraction and Encapsulation is shown and covered as part of some demos
Object Relations and Hierarchy will teach you about the interactions and inheritence of characteristics
Doing more with less - polymorphism is a good concept to learn and imbibe
How to apply OO Programming in the real world and other programming languages is introduced as a teaser at the end of the course

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Why Object Oriented approach?, Pillars of OO, More of OO, Modelling with UML, UML Tools, Objects, Classes, Abstraction and Encapsulation, Object Interactions, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Object Life Cycle, OO Programming

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