Office 2011 for Mac Video Tutorial Course Bundle

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 16.5 Hours (237 lessons)
• Instructor: Guy Vaccaro
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


This bundle includes:
Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac - 4.5 hrs / 75 Lessons
Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac - 4.5 hrs / 59 Lessons
Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 for Mac - 4.5 hrs / 55 Lessons
Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac - 3 hrs / 48 Lessons

In this Premium video training bundle for Microsoft Office 2011 For the Mac, expert author Guy Vaccaro guides you through the ins and outs of using this powerful and popular suite of tools.

Each individual training course focuses on the core components of each program, taught in a unique and engaging fashion, using projects.

Important information

Requirements: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


Where and when

Starts Location
Distance Learning

What you'll learn on the course

Mail Merges
Maintaining Contacts

Course programme

Getting Started

What Will I Be Able To Do With Word?

Making Use Of The Project Working Files

About The MS Word tutor

Creating A Letter

Setting Page Size And Margins

Adding The Sender And Recipient Addresses

Adding Todays Date To The Letter

Salutation Ending And Content

Checking The Letter For Spelling Mistakes

Saving Your Letter In A Different Format

Adding A Label Or An Envelope

Printing Your Letter

Carrying Out A Marketing Mail Merge

Design The Letter For Your Campaign

Creating A Set Of Data To Use In Your Campaign

Telling The Letter Where To Put The Data

Filtering And Previewing The Merge Data

Lessons on Running The Mail Merge

Changing The Data Source Of The Merge

Using Word To Generate An Email Campaign

Design The Body Of The Email

Connecting The Data And Finalise The Email

Generating The Individual Emails

Dealing With The Emails In Outlook

Design And Print A Greeting Card

Using A Template For The Card Layout

Adding A Text Box To Your Card

Create A Greetings Card Manually

Adding A WordArt Item

Using ClipArt On The Card

Text Boxes Are For Text

Upside Down Objects On Some Pages

Printing And Folding Your Card

Manual/Documentation Creation

Page Setup For A Manual

Using Words Built In Styles

Customizing The Built In Styles

Creating And Using Your Own Styles

Using The Document Map To Navigate A Large File

Inserting And Handling Images

Add A Table To Improve Presentation

Replacing Text Throughout A Document

Optimized Use Of Headers And Footers

Making Use Of Footnotes

Use Sections To Have Different Page Orientation

Adding And Updating A Table Of Contents

Adding And Removing A DRAFT Watermark

Exporting Your Manual Document As A PDF

Creating Your Own Template

Starting A Letterhead And Adding A Logo

Learning how to Add Company Details

Our Letter Needs A Footer

Todays Date, Every Time You Use The Template

Saving The Template

Use The Template To Create Letters


What Is SkyDrive

Saving Your Document Into SkyDrive

Opening The Document For Editing

Informing Others About The SkyDrive Document

Enabling Edit Permissions On A SkyDrive Document

Tracking Changes Of A SkyDrive Document

Reviewing A Tracked Document

Deleting Documents From SkyDrive

Useful Formatting Extras

Adding A SmartArt Object

Word And Organization Charts

Manual Tabs A

Manual Tabs B

Making Use Of Columns

Creating And Using Autotext

Forms In Word

Designing A Form Layout

Adding Data Collection Fields

Setting The Properties Of Form Fields

Status Bar Text Help Added To Form Fields

Locking The Form Ready For Completion

Distributing The Form For Completion

Collecting The Form Completions

Word Tables Vs Excel Spreadsheets

Word Tables With Formulas

Adding A Chart To Word

Linking To An Excel Chart


Summary - What Did I Learn

Other Tasks To Explore

Learning Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac

Getting Started

How Time Saving Are These Excel Projects?

Making Use Of The Project Working Files

About The Excel Tutor

An Introduction To Math In Excel

Recording And Monitoring Sales Data

Creating A New Excel File To Record Data

Saving Your Workbook In The Correct Format

Improve Your Worksheet With Some Formatting

Adding Formulas To Total Rows And Columns

Adding Formulas The Quick Way

Working Out Our Average Consumption

Conditional Formatting To Improve Presentation

Renaming Sheets And Printing

Using Excel For A Profit And Loss

Creating The Data Collection Sheet

Setting Up A List Using A Named Range

Adding Formula To Create January Profit And Loss

Changing The Data Entry To A Single Sheet

Creating The Other Eleven Months

Using D Referencing To Generate The Whole Years Profit And Loss

Exporting To PDF And Emailing To The Accountant

Score Sheets For School Sports Day

Setting Up The Scoresheet Structure

Looking Up The Competitor Name

A Near Match Lookup For The Event Scores

Using Sheet Replication To Create The Other Event Sheets

Adding Protection To Protect Your Formula

Data Entering The Actual Results

Completing The Competitor Summary

Creating An Error Check For Events Competed

Adding Up The Scores And Ranking For Position

Expenses Claim Form

Expenses Claim Document Setup And Header Page

Adding The First Month

Displaying The Month Name Instead Of The Number

Creating Destination Lookups For January

Protecting January And Setting Print Options

Creating The Other Eleven Months

Adding A Summary Sheet

Using And Submitting Your Expenses Claim

Sales Contacts Management

Setting Up Excel To Store Data And Entering That Data

Creating A Unique ID And Freezing Titles

Calculating New Values Using String Manipulation

Sorting Your Excel Database

Filtering Your Dataset

Removing Duplicate Records From Your Dataset

Mail Merge Using Your Dataset

Form View In Excel

Summarizing The Dataset With Pie Charts

Stock Sales Summaries

Starting The Sales Data Record Sheet

Adding A Sales Chart To The Data

Replicate Sheets To Create Other Sales Regions

Summarizing The Sales Data

Importing CSV Format Sales Data

Adding Some Calculations To The Imported Data

Interrogating The Sales Data With A Pivot Table

Formatting The Pivot Table

Sorting And Filtering The Pivot Table

Next Steps

Reviewing Absolute And Relative Formulas

What Is The SkyDrive?

Saving An Excel File To SkyDrive

Informing Others That The SkyDrive Document Is There

MS Excel 2011 Summary

What Is Next?

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for the Mac

Getting Started

What Will My Final Projects Look Like?

Using The Included Working Files

About The MS PowerPoint Tutor

Creating A Simple Presentation

Planning The Content

Starting The Presentation And Saving The File

Save Variations

Adding Additional Slides

Adding Content And Customizing Bullets

Images Bring Colour To Your Presentation

Say YES With WordArt

Changing The Theme Design

Animating Your Presentation

Presenting The Slideshow

Generating A Sales Presentation

Do I Choose A Supplied Template Or Design My Own

Creating And Customizing The Slide Master

Adding Slides And Slide Content

Using Clip Art To Bring Color

Charts On Slides

SmartArt Graphics For Vibrant Presentations

Slide Master Helps Control Date And Footer Placement

Usefulness Of PowerPoint Slide Notes

Embedding A Movie Clip

Transitions And Animations

Running The Presentation

Create A Stand Alone Presentation

Planning A Standalone Presentation

Using The Plan To Setup The Presentation

Adding Text And Image Content

The Addition Of An Organization Chart

An Organization Chart With Photos

Generating A Sales Graph

Slide Transition And Duration Settings

Animating All The Objects On The Slides

Recording Narration For The Presentation

Background Music For The Presentation

Setting Continuous Playback

Exporting And Distributing The Presentation

Running A Slideshow

Preparation Before The Big Day

Running The Show Tips And Tricks

Broadcasting Your Presentation On The Web

Making A Presentation Interactive

What Is A Non Linear Presentation

Building The Content Of The Interactive Presentation

Adding Yes/No Buttons

Using Images As Action Buttons

Global Action Buttons

Opening External Files And URLs

Triggering Other Applications

Saving And Distributing Your Interactive Slideshow


Get Started With SkyDrive

Saving SlideShows To SkyDrive

Tell Others Where The Slideshows Are Online

Editing A SkyDrive PowerPoint Document

Running A SlideShow In SkyDrive

Removing PowerPoint Files From SkyDrive

Next Steps

Summary And Recap

What Next?

Learning Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the Mac

Getting Started

Welcome To Outlook On A Mac?

Making Use Of The Project Working Files

About The Tutor

Outlook Account Setup

Adding A New Email Account To Outlook

Importing Settings And Mail From Other Mail Programs

Email Conversations

Sending Your First Outlook Email

Reading And Replying To Emails

Forwarding Emails To Somebody Else

Sorting And Grouping Your Inbox

Managing Emails

Flags And Categories To Help You Manage Emails

Changing An Emails Priority Level

Formatting Within An Email

Draft Emails

Adding Signatures In Outlook

Managing Junk/Spam Emails

Managing Your Outlook Contacts

Adding People To Your Contacts List

Editing And Deleting Contacts

Categorizing Contacts

Sending Emails To Your Contacts

Importing Contacts Into Outlook

Creating And Using Groups

Handling Attachments

Sending A File With Your Email

Sending An Attachment Directly From An Application

Dealing With Incoming Attachments

Personal Appointment Handling

Take The Outlook Calendar Tour

Adding Appointments

Editing Moving And Deleting Appointments

Recurring Appointments

Using The Category System With Appointments

Appointment Reminders And Email Notifications

Arranging A Meeting

Creating A Meeting From Scratch

Turn An Existing Appointment Into A Meeting

Checking For Responses Given

Rearranging A Meeting

Receiving A Meeting Invitation

Sending Documentation To Attendees

Tasks And Notes

Create An Outlook Task

Editing And Deleting Tasks

Categories Flags And Priority Ratings

Completing A Task

Recurring Tasks

Adding A Note

Editing And Deleting Notes

The Category System Works For Notes Too

Email A Note To A Friend

Next Steps

Making Use Of The My Day Utility

Summary And Is There More?

Microsoft Office for Mac Tutorial End