Oracle Pl/Sql Course

Central Institute of Information Technology
In Nagpur

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Important information

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  • Nagpur

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
On request
Plot No.2, Near RPTS Road, Opp. ICAD, Laxminagar, 440022, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

* Introduction TO PLSQL
* PLSQL block Structure/Architecture
* Data Types
* Declaring Variables(Assignment, Default, Not Null, %Type, %Rowtype, Aggregate, Aliases, Scope)
* Datatype Conversion (Implicit and Explicit)
* Control Structures
* Conditional Control Statements
If ...Then
If ...Then ...Else
If ...Then ...ElsIf
* Iterative Statements
For(...Range...)Loop .. End Loop
While(...condition...)Loop ... End Loop
Loop ... End Loop --Explicite Exit Statement
* Exit Statement
* GoTo Statement
* Null Statement
* Into Statement
* Explicit Cursors
Declare,Open,Fetch,Close,Use with For,While,Loop Iterative Statements,Parameter passing,Attributes(C%Found,C%NotFound,C%RowCounts,C%IsOpen), Value of attributes at different conditions.
* Row Locking : For Update (/NoWait/Of ColumnName) Clause
* Table Locking:Lock Table
* Cursor Variables / Reference Cursor
* Dynamic DDL statement in PLSQL using DBMS_SQL Oracle PAckage.
* Implicit Cursors (Dml/Select Into)
Attributes(SQL%Found, SQL%NotFound, SQL%RowCounts, SQL%IsOpen)
* Exceptions Handling
* Sub-Programs (Procedures and Functions)
* Stored Programs (Procedures and Functions)
* Database Triggers
* Collections
* Records
* Object Types
* Stored Procedures
* Stored Functions
* Packages
* Oracle Supplied Packages
* Manipulating Large Objects
* Creating Database triggers
* Managing Dependencies

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