Ph.D. Program in Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
In Kanpur

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Important information

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  • Kanpur

Important information

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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Ph.D. Program in Aerospace Engineering

A premier teaching and research centre today, engaged in engineering science instruction, in-flight laboratory work, aerodynamic testing, and indigenous design and fabrication of advanced facilities and instruments. This department was inaugurated in 1964. The department specializes in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion, and aerospace structures. It has a unique flight laboratory with four powered aircrafts, four gliders and a 1000 m runway. All other academic institutions in the country make use of this facility. The Gliding and Soaring centre attached to the department has significantly contributed to the aviation awareness amongst the young through its glider pilot training program. Follow the links above to learn more about us.

PHY 101+CHM 101 (Physics lab + Chemistry Lab)

ESC 101 (Fundamentals of Computing)

MTH 101 (Mathematics - I)

ENG. 112/HSS-1

PHY 102 (Physics - I)

PE 101 (Physical Exercises - I)

ESC 102 (Introduction to Electronics)

MTH102 (Mathematics - II)

TA 101(Engineering Graphics)

PHY 103 (Physics - II)

AE 100 (Introduction to Profession)

PE 102 (physical Exercises - II)

MTH 203

CHM 201

ESO - I (Engineering Science - I)

ESO - II(Engineering Science - II)

COM 200 (Communication Skills)

AE 231 (Elements of Vibration)


ES0 202 (Thermodynamics)

TA 201 (Introduction to Manufacturing Processes)

AE 232 (Aircraft Structures I)

AE 211 (Aerodynamics I)

EL (Open Elective)

AE 341 (Propulsion-I)

AE 321 (F1ight Mechanics-I)

AE 331 (Expr. in Struc)

AE 361 (Aeromodel Design & Fabrication)

Elective 1


AE 312 (Aerodynamics-II)

AE 322 (Flight Mechanics-II)

AE 332 (Aircraft Structures-II)

AE 342 (Propulsion-II)

AE 380 (Industrial Tour)

Elective- II

Sc. Elective- I

AE 411(Expr. in Aerodynamics)

AE 461(AircraftDesignI)

Aero Elective I

AE 471 (Project I)

AE 490 (Industrial Tour)

Sc. Elective II

AE 422 (Exp. in Flight Mechanics)

AE 462 (Aircraft Design II)

AE 472 (project II)

Aero Elective II

Elective III


Achievements for this centre

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