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Typology Bachelor
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 3 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    3 Years


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Philosophy is an ancient discipline which studies the most fundamental questions that arise in all areas of human concern, from religion and politics, to morality and the sciences. Philosophy also deals systematically with questions that every reflective person asks from time to time.
Philosophy certainly makes you think in a very critical way about the world in which you live. Philosophers do not take anything for granted and are always looking to substantiate their accounts of the world through analyses and arguments which might tell us what is the real explanation for what we experience. Philosophy therefore, in particular, develops the ability to analyze, criticize and use arguments to demonstrate a conclusion. These are all skills, which transfer readily to different situations, away from philosophy, in your own lives and place of work. Flexible and critical thinking are valued by employers at all levels. Previous students of ours have ended up in many different occupations: editors of magazines; bankers; IT systems engineers; teachers - these are just a few examples.