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These training classes use broadcast quality audio and video to deliver concise and informative training right to your desktop. The course is presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

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Course Description Take your skills to the next level. This Photographers Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Video is the ultimate in comprehensive instruction for the discerning professional.

These training classes use broadcast quality audio and video to deliver concise and informative training right to your desktop. The course is presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

These Photographers Photoshop CS5 Tutorials break even the most complex subjects down into easy to follow segments, following along is simple. Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of training.

Course Information Course Title
Adobe PhotoShop CS5 for Photographers Tutorial Video
Instructor Andy Anderson Publisher Infinite Skills
Duration 10.5 Hours - 138 Lessons
Date Released
2011-03-25 Platform Windows PC or Mac
Format Download or DVD-ROM
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Course Features
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers from a professional trainer from your own desk.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced users. ideal for users who learn faster when shown.
  • Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning.
  • Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps.

Course Outline It Starts With The Camera
Camera And Equipment Check List
Understanding Film Sensitivity - IS0
Controlling Depth Of Field - FStop
Managing Light To Film - Shutter Speed

The Art Of The Scan
Scanning 101
Exceeding A Scanners Optical Resolution
Moving From Color To Grayscale
Scanning With A 10 Step Graywedge
Saving Scans In The Correct File Format

Organizing Your Images
Creating Files For You Photographs
Organizing Your Photos With Bridge Favorites
Creating Photographic Collection In Bridge
Accessing Photographs With Mini Bridge
Accessing and amp; Adding Metadata To A Photo
Creating A Jewel Case Contact Sheet

What You See Is What You Get
The Digital Darkroom
Creating User Defined Color Settings
Working With Color Profiles
Working With Image Interpolation
Calibrating Your Monitor

Working With Digital Images
Digital Images - Bit Depth And Color
Up Sizing An Image The Correct Way
Working In The Best File Format

Understanding Camera Raw
Raw Images 101
Moving From Camera Raw To Photoshop
Camera Raw Basic Operations
Initial Color Correction In Camera Raw
Using Camera Raw To Move Into Greyscale
Manipulating Multiple Images

Fixing Common Image Problems
Creating Customized Photo Sizes
Customizing The Crop Tool
Straightening An Image
Correcting The Glare Of A Flash
Adding Fill Flash In Photoshop
Correcting Red Eye

Making Selections That Look Natural
Selection Tricks With The Magic Wand
Working With The Quick Selection Tool
Detecting Edges With The Magnetic Lasso
Using Refine Edge To Make Realistic Selections
Precise Selections With The Pen Tool
Making Selections With A Paint Brush
Refining A Channel Selection

Setting Up For Color Correction
Converting Raw Images Into The DNG Format
Creating A Color Correction Mask
Correcting Photographs With Droplets
Using Grey To Correct A Color Image
Using Math To Color Correct A Photograph
Matching Color Between Photographs

Removing Unwanted Elements
Removing Unwanted Information
Removing Photographic Blemishes
Removing Dark Circle From Under Eyes
Punching Up Contrast In A Photograph

Improving Upon Nature
Making People Look Younger
Changing Hair And Eye Color
Making Teeth Whiter
Softening Skin Tones
Working With Portrait Professional - Lesson 1
Working With Portrait Professional - Lesson 2

Going Retro With Grayscale
Converting Raw Images To Grayscale
Moving From Color To Gray
Aging An Image
The Ansel Adams Effect

Generating A Sharper Image
Sharpening 101
Improving Image Sharpness With Smart Sharpen
Sharpening Images With The Lab Color Space
Using Unsharp Mask
Working With The High Pass Filter

Dressing Up Your Images
Creating A Vignette In The Raw Plugin
Creating A Lens Vignette In Photoshop
Creating Standard Vignettes In Photoshop
Creating A Vignette With Layer Masks
Creating Unique Vignettes With Filters
Creating Decorative Borders With Effects

The Art Of The Dodge And Burn
Dodging Tricks
Dodging and amp; Burning A Photograph
Dodging and amp; Sponging With A Quick Mask
Dodging and amp; Burning With Custom Brushes
Controlling Dodging and amp; Burning With Layer Masks
Dodging And Burning With Layer Blending Modes

Keeping It Real
Using A Layer Mask To Generate Image Depth
Working With Lens Blur And A Depth Map
Creating An Awesome Panorama
Working With Duotones
Creating A Selenium Look With Duotones
Creating A Photographic Watermark

Color Correction Essentials
The Basics Of Color Correction
Correction By The Numbers
Correction With Curves Eyedroppers
Correction With Adjustment Layers And Masks
Changing Selective Color
Adjusting Skin Tones With Color Balance

The Power Of Blending Modes
A Blending Mode Primer
Blending A Sky Into An Image
Lightening An Image With Blending Modes
Blending Two Images With Blending Modes
Blending Images With The Blend If Option

Restoring The Past
Scanning 101
Correcting Contrast And Hue
Dust - Scratches - Sharpening
Adding Color To A Photograph
Adding A Period Border
Manipulating The Background

HDR Basics
HDR 101
Moving From Camera To The Merge To HDR Feature
Merge To HDR Options
HDR And Surrealistic Effects

Outputting For The Web
Getting Ready For The Web
The Proper Way To Compress A Photograph
GIF Compression That Works
Generating A Web Gallery

Outputting To Print
Proper Printing Etiquette
Color Settings Revisited
Generating A Raw Workflow
Working With A Soft Proof
The Art Of The Print
Course End