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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses

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    30 Days
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Distance Learning PHP Training For Professionals and Students Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) has designed special training programs for the students all over India who are looking to enhance their PHP skills through our distance learning PHP programs. Our PHP experts who do have years of experience in developing websites based on the core and advance PHP technology will teach you the every aspect of practical while developing a website or blog during the live doubt sessions using Skype. We are the first institute for Distance learning in India that provides distance learning PHP classes. You can attend 3 or 4 classes after receiving the study material. Therefore, you always can clear your doubts in classes over Skype.

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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC)
Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC)

Course programme

- Module 01: Introduction to Scripting
- Module 02: Introduction to Dynamic Websites
- Module 03: Introduction to Open Source
- Module 04: XAMPP and WAMPP Installation
- Module 05: PHP Programming Basics
- Module 06: Embedding PHP in HTML
- Module 07: Introduction to PHP Variable
- Module 08: Using Operators
- Module 09 : if, else if and else if conditions
- Module 10 : Statement
- Module 11 : Switch Statements
- Module 12: while Loop
- Module 13 : do Loop
- Module 14: for Loop
- Module 15: PHP Functions
- Module 16: PHP Array
- Module 17: Form: Get & Post Method
- Module 18: Setting Cookies, deleting Cookies
- Module 19: Dates and Times
- Module 20: Introduction to Database - SQL, MySQL Database
- Module 21: Making records, tables, forms
- Module 22: Managing Database Connections
- Module 23: Joomla Concepts
- Module 24: Joomla Installation

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