PHP/MYSQL Training with Ajax

In Dwarka, Delhi

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Important information

  • Training
  • Intermediate
  • Dwarka, delhi
  • 50 hours of class
  • Duration:
    1 Month
  • When:

Professional PHP/MYSQL training with Ajax, in Dwarka Delhi, we offers project based training, here students can learn how to develop a project using PHP.

Important information

Where and when

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Dwarka, Delhi
A-66, sec-7, Dwarka, Near ICICI bank, 110075, Delhi, India
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What you'll learn on the course


Teachers and trainers (1)

Shekhar shekhar
Shekhar shekhar
Senior Trainer

Course programme

  • Base Syntax and programming with PHP
    • PHP Delimiters
    • Creating User Defined Variable
    • Assigning values to scaler variable
    • Data type with PHP
    • Type casting
    • Type testing
    • Declaring and Using constants
    • Understanding Operators and Precedence
    • Evaluating Expression
    • Making decision eith if,else and switch
    • Advantage of iteration using while,do and for loops
    • Employing arrays
    • Varible initialization with PHP.
    Writing Web Page with PHP

    Interacting with the server

    • Embedding PHP cods into HTML pages
    • Determining how data is sent form to PHP scripts
    Manipulating user input
    • Retrieving form data with $_POST, $_GET and $_REQUEST[]array
    • Validating reterieved data
    • Strategies for handling invalid input
    • Storing state information using cookies
    Applying Advance Scripting Techniques

    Expoloting the built-in functionality of PHP

    • Formatting data and time information
    • Manipulating string data
    • Reading and writing data using file I/O functions
    • Investigating other built-in features
    Structuring PHP code
    • Accessing global variables
    • Building code libraries for reusabillity
    • PHP scripts with include,include_once,require and require_once
    Building Complete Web Applications
    • What is RDBMS technology?
    • Creating and managing database connections
    • Sending queries to the database server employing the most efficient methods
    • Retrieving query results as associative array
    • Looping through database
    • Displaying returned data on Web pages
    String Manipulation and Regular Expression
    • Formatting String for Presentation
    • Formatting String for Storage
    • Joining and Splitting String
    • Comparing String
    • Matching and replace Substring
    • Pattern matching
    Interacting with the File system and the Server
    • Saving data for later using File System
    • Creating and Writing to a file
    Object Oriented PHP
    • Object orinted concepts
    • Class,object and operations
    • Class attributes
    • Per-class constant
    • Class method invocation
    • Access Modiffer
    • Static method
    • Typing hinting
    • Object cloning
    • Abstract class
    • Final keyword
    • Inheritance
    • Implementing Interface
    • Understanding Advance and New
    object Oridented functionality
    • Implementing lterators and lterations
    • Magic functions with PHP
    • Exception Handling concepts
    • Exception control structures try...catch...throw
    • The Exception class
    • User define exception
    Session and Cookie
    • What Session Control is?
    • Understanding Base Session Functionality
    • What is a Cookie?
    • Setting Cookies with PHP
    • Uookies with Session
    • Deleting Cookies
    • Starting a Session
    • Registring Session variables
    • Using Session Variables
    Advance PHP techniques
    • Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
    • Math functions
    • File upload
    • File Download
    • E-mail with PHP
    • PHP configuration file
    • Error tacking and debugging
    JavaScipt (Jquery), Ajax & XML
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Form validation using JavaScript
    • JavaScript Library Functions
    • Introduction to Ajax and its use.
    • Introduction to XML and its use.
    • JQuery
    Open Source Platform
    • Introduction to Joomla
    • Online Projects

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