PHP Web Developers Course (Advanced)


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Class hours 35 hours of class
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  • 35 hours of class

Suitable for: Freshers, Working Professionals

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Course programme

a. Cookies b. Sessions c. Email Handelling d. Database (MySQL) Connection e. MySQL Create Database and Table f. MySQL Insert, Select, Update, Delete g. MySQL Where, OrderBY h. MySQL Join i. AJAX: a. Introduction b. XMLHttpRequest
i. Create Object ii. Request iii. Response iv. readyState c. AJAX and PHP j. JQuery (Implementation): a. jQuery and AJAX b. jQuery Plugins k. CODEIGNITER Framework: a. Introduction and MVC Architecture b. Getting Started c. CodeIgniter URLs d. Creating a Controller e. Creating a View f. Creating a Model g. Helpers h. Libraries i. URI Routing j. Managing Applications

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