Pitching to a Venture Capitalist

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Do you think you are prepared for pitching to a Venture Capitalist? The online learning program ‘Pitching to a Venture Capitalist’ will make you find out what every entrepreneur should know before finalizing their pitch to a Venture Capitalist and the way to prepare for a meeting with a Venture Capitalist.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The main motive of this online learning episode is to make the learner understand that‘what should be included in the pitch’ is crucial when presenting to a Venture Capitalist. Understand that attracting external funding to ones company changes how you (the founder/entrepreneur) will operate, build and develop the business going forward, You go from thinking about "your" Company to "our" Company or at least "a shared" Company, The pitch is a relationship building process. It’s a pitch, no one is committed yet, Too much information is hard to digest when the relationship is not yet established. Great product storytelling is an asset to any entrepreneur, Having a Network of people already convinced that the business idea is a good one and they care about your success is fundamental, You need to answer "why" customers will use and pay for the product, No customers, no business! Having customers interested in the product or idea and understanding "why" is fundamental, Choose your investors wisely. Chemistry is the #1 success factor, Do your own due-diligence on the investor.

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While studying the course ‘Pitching to a Venture Capitalist’, understudy will come to learn about the following topics: 1.What topics should be covered in a pitch, 2.What Venture Capitalist’s (VC) are looking for in a pitch, 3.Why a “big vision” is important, 4.Importance of advisors on your team, 5.How many VC’s should you approach? 6.How to demonstrate your idea will be successful, 7.What to look for in a VC, 8.Objective of a first meeting with a VC, 9.What VC’s look for in an entrepreneur, 10.Time frame of funding, 11.What VC’s will fund, 12.Persistence, 13.Building relationships, 14.Don’t give too much information, 15.Be able to answer questions, 16.Due diligence – it works both ways. With these topics and subjects and our delivery method, you will be able to understand and fulfil your position’s responsibilities. We deliver our courses with an online methodology in order to adapt ourselves to busy and professional lifestyles. Combine your professional life, your work, your personal time with this distance-learning course. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister’s website.

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This Course is helpful for those person who want to do business. It can be used as a Guide. It will help keep the practitioner on track with his/her goals and growth. The ability to derive and analyze the importance of advisors, Offers frameworks for understanding key topics in pitching venture capital, Focuses on explanations of concepts like Time frame of funding, Persistence, Building relationships.