Postgraduate in Graphic Design applied to communication

ELISAVA Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona
In Barcelona (Spain)

€ 5,350 - (Rs 3,69,784)
VAT incl.

Important information

  • Postgraduate
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Duration:
    5 Months
  • When:

As part of the problem-solving dynamics mirroring the professional world, the course is centred around 12 practical projects led by top professionals, which explore the versatility contemporary designers need to tackle the various requirements, environments, processes and languages.

Important information
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Graduates in Design. Graduates in Communications and Advertising. Graduates in Fine Arts. Professionals or academics with proven experience.


Where and when

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Barcelona, Spain
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What you'll learn on the course

Graphic design
Motion graphics
Design Management
Applied to Communication
Advertising graphics

Course programme

1. First block of projects
  • Naming, identity, graphics systems, corporate typography.
  • Providing sound wide-ranging experience of identity programmes as a conceptual basis to address the majority of the typical problems arising in visual communication.
2. Second block of projects
  • Publishing, packaging, signage, data display.
  • Planning and designing information as a mechanism to anticipate and satisfy users’ various needs. Development of effective, understandable and easy-to-use mediums of communication.
3. Third block of projects
  • Advertising graphics, motion graphics, website, interaction.
  • Understanding new digital media as additional and necessary tools when tackling increasingly global and hybrid communication projects in which new parameters such as time, movement, sound, interactivity, immediateness, new media, portability, etc., are added to the parameters of conceptualisation and development involved in graphics projects.
4. Typography consultancy
  • Throughout the course, well-known typography professionals answer questions about the subject which have arisen whilst producing the projects.
5. Conferences and case studies
  • Conferences and/or case studies are scheduled throughout the course with prestigious national and international speakers who provide new views, reflections and references which further knowledge of the exercise of the profession based on their own experiences.
6. Transversal studies: design management
  • There are single-subject sessions throughout the course to impart knowledge on design management, system optimisation and work resources.
7. Transversal studies: constellation of collaborators
  • There are single-subject sessions throughout the course to learn about the professionals who work alongside designers: strategists, programmers, exhibition organisers and architects, etc.