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Successful business management practices implemented by skilled and knowledgeable managers are vital for the continued success and growth of any business. This free online course introduces you to essential business management skills and practices. The course starts by asking what management is, and reviews managerial characteristics and skills. The course covers topics such as managing external relationships such as with customers and suppliers. It introduces management accounting practices and procedures, best practices for managing and using information systems, how to manage information about business competitors, and best practices for human resources management in terms of selecting, training and appraising employees. This course is ideal for business professionals who are working in established companies and who want to prove a basic competency and knowledge of business management matters, and also to learn more about successful business management skills and practices.

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Management Operations
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Management skills
Managing Employees
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Module Title Module 1: What is Management? Module 2: Managerial Characteristics and Skills Module 3: Managing External Relationships Module 4: Managing the Accounts Module 5: Managing the Information systems Module 6: Managing Competitive Intelligence Module 7: Managing Employees Module 8: Business Management Skills and Practices Assessment

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