Program in 3D Advanced Internship

Institute of Clinical Research (India)
In Mumbai

Rs 30,000
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Important information

  • Training
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    4 Months

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
On request
Dimension-Z Studios 23, Laxmi Woolen Mills Compound, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalaxmi, 400011, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

This is a custom program designed to teach production techniques through projects. This 4 month program is divided into 2 parts; in the first 2 months students will recieve learn production technique.


Modeling Module

Summary: This module covers in-organic and organic modeling
Prerequisites: Knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya

1) Prop Modeling
Topics Covered: This project is mainly to test skill level and problem solving abilities.

2) Product Modeling
Topics Covered: Realistic object modeling

3) Weapon Modeling
Topics Covered: box modeling techniques

4) Vehicle Modeling
Topics Covered: Multiple techniques including edge modeling, box modeling and modeling using modifiers.

5) Character Modeling
Topics Covered: Modeling according to muscle flow, modeling for animation, using sprites to model, adding details to models.

Surfacing Module

Summary: This module covers unwrapping, texturing, materials, lighting and rendering
Prerequisites: Knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya

1) Realistic Product Render
Topics Covered: Unwrapping, Texture Placement, Realistic Materials, 3 Point Studio Lighting

2) In-Game Building
Topics Covered: Unwrapping in-organic models for games, Tiling and Texture creation.

3) Film Quality Army Tank
Topics Covered: Unwrapping complex in-organic objects, materials, various maps like bump, specular and alpha, Realistic image based lighting.

4) Realistic Character Creation
Topics Covered: Unwrapping organic characters, Texture creation, Multiple maps usage

Animation Module

Summary: This module covers rigging, skinning and animation of humans as well as multi-legged characters
Prerequisites: Knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya

1) Rigging and Skinning
Topics Covered: Rigging and skinning a production character

2) Human Facial Setup and Dialog Animation
Topics Covered: Production tips and techniques

3) Film Animation: Single Character
Topics Covered: Acting, Principles of animation and curve editors

4) Film Animation:Fight Scene with Multiple Character
Topics Covered: Production quality animation, Character Interaction

Visual Effects Module

Summary: This module covers 3D compositing, special effects and camera tracking
Prerequisites: Knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya

1) 3D Compositing
Topics Covered: Understanding compositing and the terminologies.

2) Special Effects Logo Creation
Topics Covered: 3D Logo creation and animation, rendering for film compositing and special effects.

3) Creating a News Composite
Topics Covered: Green / Blue Screen Removal and Color Correction

4) Creating a VFX Commercial
Topics Covered: Cloth, Dynamics, Animation and Particles

5) Adding to a Film Set
Topics Covered: Camera Matching, Camera Tracking, Color Correction, HDRI Lighting and Masking

Additional information

Payment options: Fees: Current fee structure is promotional in nature and will change from 1st January, 2010 Fees Rs.30,000/- including taxes and can be paid in full or in 4 installments of Rs. 7,500/- each.

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