QuickStart! - Adobe Dreamweaver CC


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Rajiv Nair
What I would highlight Curriculum was divided in a way that it wouldn't barrage you with lot of information and at the same ensure that all the necessary and important topics are covered. I really loved the online course at simplilearn and shall be recommending it to my peers, family & friends.

What could be improved Nothing

Would you recommend this course? Yes.
Aiba V.
What I would highlight The DMCA training has been a great experience! Not only did I learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing but also gained real time experience of handling Google adwords and analytics through the project.

What could be improved Nothing

Would you recommend this course? Yes.
Balaji Natarajan
What I would highlight Development ManagerThe core concepts gave me the ability to see how I could incorporate scrum into our leach culture. The integration of technology has always been a challenge. However, now I could see the capabilities of integration with owners and our development team with scrum.

What could be improved Nothing

Would you recommend this course? Yes.
Dorothy Narkinsky
What I would highlight Very informative and educative with simple language and easy examples. Trainer helped us through complicated concepts in easy language.

What could be improved Nothing

Would you recommend this course? Yes.

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Course programme

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  • QuickStart! - Adobe Dreamweaver CC
    • Module 01 - Introduction
      • 1.1 Course Overview
    • Module 02 - Getting Started with Dreamweaver CC
      • 2.1 Creating New Documents
      • 2.2 Changes in the Interface
      • 2.3 Defining Your Website
      • 2.4 Arranging Files and Getting Organized
      • 2.5 A Note on Sync Settings
    • Module 03 - Building a Web Layout
      • 3.1 Starting a Fluid Grid Layout
      • 3.2 Building the Basic Structure
      • 3.3 Creating a CSS Rule
      • 3.4 Understanding the CSS Designer Panel
      • 3.5 Applying Properties to the Header
      • 3.6 Formatting the Navigation Menu
      • 3.7 Controlling the Article and Sections
      • 3.8 Finishing Off with the Footer
    • Module 04 - Inserting and Formatting Page Content
      • 4.1 Inserting and Formatting Text
      • 4.2 Controlling Where Rules Reside
      • 4.3 Building the Main Nav Menu
      • 4.4 Formatting the Nav Menu pt. 1
      • 4.5 Formatting the Nav Menu pt. 2
      • 4.6 A Look at Edge Web Fonts
      • 4.7 Using a Web Font in the Layout
      • 4.8 Cleaning Up Loose Ends
      • 4.9 Setting Up the Sections
    • Module 05 - Working with Graphics
      • 5.1 Inserting Graphics
      • 5.2 Formatting the Photo Images
      • 5.3 Formatting the Title Images
      • 5.4 Creating the Logo with Photoshop
      • 5.5 Inserting and Formatting the Logo
    • Module 06 - Applying Special Effects
      • 6.1 Formatting the Footer
      • 6.2 Applying CSS Transitions
      • 6.3 Introducing jQuery UI Widgets
      • 6.4 Inserting a Second jQuery UI Widget
      • 6.5 A Look at Accordion Widgets
    • Module 07 - Conclusion
      • 7.1 Conclusion
    • Module 08 - Credits
      • 8.1 About the Author
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