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Small business is the backbone of our economy, but many would-be entrepreneurs don’t get the support they need to get started. Starting a business is a process. Everyone needs to start with the fundamentals, regardless of the type of business, technology or otherwise, location of the business or age of the wannabe entrepreneur.Most people start with a business idea and work on developing that idea but forget about the business basics.If you are thinking of starting your own business, the course is essential viewing – a journey from inspiration to practical application.The course has been developed to take the stress out of starting your business.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The Objective of this course is to equip the understudy with all important elements of starting and sustaining business activities. The learning program covers basic information on each important topic like business structure, financing, meeting people, accounting, marketing, how to sell the product and what not.

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The Contents of this course is divided into 13 Episodes are as given Below- Episode 1 – The Dreaded Business Plan (14:35 minutes) -A business plan is an integral part of your business - It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it for yourself, your business partner, or looking for financing. Episode 2 – Business Structures (18:00 minutes) -Sole proprietor or incorporation – which is best for your start-up? Episode 3 – Partnership Agreements (20:47 minutes) -A shareholder agreement is essential, and is the key for the growth of a successful start-up. Episode 4 – Financing Your Business (20:10 minutes) -Know what a financial institution needs from you before approaching them for financing. Episode 5 – Accounting (31:00 minutes) -Keeping records and the Government happy should be a priority. Episode 6 – Launching Your Business (29:35 minutes) -Speak to customers in their terms and not the technology. Episode 7 – Branding & Visual Identity (27:55 minutes) -Think and look like you are a successful company. Episode 8 – The5 P’s of Marketing (47:51 minutes) -Applying the 5 P’s of Marketing to your business makes the sale! Episode 9 – Social Media Marketing (40:13 minutes) -Start building your online community in the early stages of starting your business. Episode 10 – Driving the Right Traffic to Your Website (47:07 minutes) -A website is useless if you aren’t driving the right traffic to your site. Episode 11 – Making the Sale (35:24 minutes) -Understand the sales process. Episode 12 – Pitching to a Venture Capitalist (32:31 minutes) -Knowing what should be included in your pitch is crucial when presenting to a Venture Capitalist. Episode 13 – Messaging & Working with the Media (47:35 minutes) -Grab the attention of the media by sending them something that is worth talking about.

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This Course is Helpful for those Person who want to start a New Business. This Course will be used as a Guide, while the launch of business. It will help keep the practitioner on track with his/her goals and growth. To research each type of business structure i.e sole proprietor, incorporation, and partnership to see which one suits the business needs. To set the shareholder agreement which defines the rules for an incorporated company involving more than one person.