Official Master with two specialisations

Regional and Population Studies

UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
In Cerdanyola Del Vallès ()

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Important information

  • Master
  • Duration:
    1 Year

This is a one-year academic programme that serves as an entryway to a doctoral programme that was awarded Honourable Mention for Excellence by the Ministry of Education, among other advantages such as: the possibility to acquire professional work experience and the multiple itinerary that enables you to choose your specialisation based on territorial organisation and demographics.

Important information

Requirements: To be accepted to the official Master you must have an official bachelor's degree or accredited equivalent as this may also constitute prior training in fields of related knowledge: the fields of engineering and architecture are included for territorial organisation and studies in maths/ statistics and sciences and engineering in general are included for demographics.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official university Master - Ministry of Education


Where and when

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What you'll learn on the course

Demographic analysis
Territorial Studies and Population
Metropolitan Spaces and the City
Territorial Planning
Tourism and Territory
Local and Territorial Development
Environmental Assessment
Movement, Transport and Land
Social Demographics
Historical Demographics
Urban Demographics

Course programme

Specialization in Land Use Planning, Local Development and Regional Planning 
  • Advanced Topics in Regional and Population Studies
  • Master Thesis
  • Methodology
  • Cities and Metropolitan Areas
  • Geographical Information Systems, Planning and Landscape
  • Regional Planning
  • Local and Regional Development
  • Mobility, Transport and Territory
  • Tourism and Territory
  • Water, Energy and Land Management
  • Work Placement
Specialization in Demography 
  • Advanced Topics in Regional and Population Studies
  • Master Thesis
  • Methodology
  • Demographic Analysis I
  • Demographic Analysis II
  • Research Techniques
  • Social Demography
  • Historical Demography
  • Migrations
  • Urban Demography
  • Work Placement

Additional information

The price of the Master for non-residents from countries outside the European Union is € 7131.