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This course is adressed to any person who wants to approach the subject either for professional or amateur reasons. It is created by experts in the field and each subject is covered very well. Thanks to this course you will approach to the subject and find new job opportunities.

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· Who is it intended for?

To any person who wants to approach the Religions world

· Requirements

Internet connection and personal mail box.

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Certificate of Attendance.

· What marks this course apart?

Greater quality with minor cost

· What happens after requesting information?

We will immediately contact you, usually by email within 24 hours. The couse will begin after confirming payment

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Ilaria Gamboni
Ilaria Gamboni

Course programme

Here we explain the main parts of the syllabus:

- Introduction to primitive men's religion,

- the religions of near East's ancient civilizations: Egypt and Mesopotamia,

- Indian religion: Brahmanism and Hinduism,

- Buddhism,

- Greek-Roman polytheistic religion,

- Hebraism and ethical monotheism,

- origins of Christianity,

- l'Islam,

- polytheistic religions: Phoenicians, Hittites, Celtics, and Germans,

- Chinese's ancient religion, Chings, Confucianism and Taoism, Shintoism,

- Latin America's religion: Aztecs and Mayas,

- Jainism and Mazdaism,

- Christianity in the middle ages, gnosis and Manichaeism.

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If you wish to have more information please contact us!People who enroll in one of our courses will have a 15% discount from the second course onwards, this includes also tailored courses!! Contact us!