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Resistance & Gym Supervision

ADL - Academy for Distance Learning

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Typology Vocational qualification
Methodology Distance learning
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Achieve excellence in gym-based fitness teaching! This course is a basic course for anyone wanting to enter fitness instruction. Some of the elements covered include types of resistance training, equipment and applications as well as developing training methods. Through proper and regular resistance exercise, a person can control spinal problems and many other issues associated with aging. For others, strength training can be an important part of an overall exercise regime. Students must have access to a gym for the practical component.

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Starts Location
Different dates available
Distance Learning
Starts Different dates available
Distance Learning

What you'll learn on the course

Fitness Instructor
Gym Instructor
Balanced Diet
Weight loss
Physical Rehabilitation
Training evaluation
Training planning
Gym Supervision

Course programme

Lesson Structure: Resistance & Gym Supervision BRE206

There are 6 lessons:

Types of Resistance Training
Equipment and Applications
Understanding Movements
Selection of Exercises
Developing Training Methods
Planning a Program
Learning Goals: Resistance & Gym Supervision BRE206

Identify different types of resistance training, the purpose of each, and explain the misconceptions that are commonly held about training.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of types of resistance training equipment available, its use, care and maintenance and application to training variables and client program needs.
Recognise correct resistance training form in exercises and apply correct techniques where necessary in demonstrating and instructing.
Select training methods and programming principles relevant to increasing strength, power, speed, local muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and weight loss.
Outline the training method relevant to increasing strength, cardio vascular efficiency, muscular endurance, physical rehabilitation and programs for sports people.
Plan and describe elementary circuit or resistance training programs for non risk clients.

Additional information

Fitness Leader, Dietician, Health Instructor